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I’m 32 years young and I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks


Wow! My first trimester was rough. Morning sickness came in the form of Fatigue; I would get so exhausted either early in the morning or in the afternoon and sometimes both in the afternoon and in the morning. I also struggled with understanding my body when I started gaining weight. I didn’t know how to dress it especially when going to work. This wasn’t easy for me since I had never had such a rapid weight gain, eventually I got a hang of it and bought stretchy dresses and tops that would push me through the second and third trimester.

My pregnancy journey

I found out I was pregnant in July 2019 and I was surprised, pleasantly surprised for that matter. We had been trying to conceive for the last one year it just never happened. I remember a few months earlier I went to see a gynaecologist for a pap smear and I also had a scan done to check if I had any issues internally  like uterine fibroids or endometriosis  and my results showed that I was perfectly okay. So here I was looking at my positive pregnancy test results with mixed emotions, I was happy that finally our prayers were answered we were pregnant and at the same time I was scared of a miscarriage because I had gone through it before.  

Having gone through a dark time when I had a miscarriage was one of the reasons I kept my pregnancy under wraps for a while. I wasn’t ready to tell everyone so only my family and close friends knew about it until when the bump started showing in the second trimester that is when I confidently talked about it.

So now that I’m ready to talk about it, I’ve briefly summarized the memorable moments of each trimester.

Hennessy hosts cognac, cocktails and conversations

Last month I attended Hennessy's cocktails and conversations event held at the Lucca restaurant,Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, Westlands . Hennessy very special launched a series of new luxury cocktails. The event brought together influencers from different fields in the digital media space to have a discussion on the curation of a new Hennessy cocktail line.

An evening jacket style guide for the discerning Kenyan man

I love the colour blue, I really do. If you have any exposure to colour psychology, you may have heard that it’s a colour that tends to conjure up feelings such as calmness, trust and dependability. This is the reason huge corporates such as Facebook use it in their logo. Men of power also seem to understand this, which is why navy blue is a popular choice for high end business suits. So today we’re going to focus on those successful men, and how they can dazzle in blue as they step out on special occasions to mark life’s memorable moments.

I’ve researched a couple of blue evening looks for men in Africa that I believe are worthy of the status of the aforementioned men. Advance warning, none of the following brands is cheap. They are the best of the best within Africa. So without further ado, let’s get into the evening jacket style guide for the ahead-of-the-game Kenyan gentleman ready to celebrate his noteworthy success.