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CBA Africa Concours d'Elegance event review

The event was nothing short of spectacular. The CBA Concours d'Elegance is the classiest event on the Kenya motor sports federation calendar and is attended by 10,000 people . This year the 1934 Rolls Royce was the overall winner and it was well deserving, honestly this vintage Rolls Royce stood out from the rest of the classic and vintage cars at the event. The interior was dashing, the bright yellow made the car look boujee.

Tech Talk : A review of the new Nokia 5.1

When I received the Nokia 5.1 I was like hmmm.... am not so sure if am going to like it as much as I liked the Nokia 7 plus. After a few days of using it I totally liked it. Am currently loving the new Nokia range of phones, they are quite sleek, light in weight and easy to carry around. The Nokia 5.1 is quite smooth and it kept sliding out of my hand and even when I placed it on my laps it would easily slide of, I would advice you to buy a phone cover immediately you buy the phone otherwise if the phone keeps falling it will eventually get damaged.

Book Review : Things I will tell my daughter by Joan Thatiah

First of all the book am pretending to be reading in this photo is not the book am about to review. Stick around to see the a photo of how the book looks like.

Le Diner en Blanc - Nairobi 2018

I was among the media personalities that attended the preview party for Le Diner en Blanc yesterday at ihub. 

Le Diner en Blanc Nairobi,is an event that takes place in Nairobi every year.  This year the event will take place on the 6th of October. The annual elegant affair will gather at a secret location with over 600 friends and friends of friends for an unforgettable evening of beauty and magic.