Of Italian Fashion!!

Its been a while since i blogged...well av been busy doing some research on whats classy n trashy in fashion,so i bumped into this Italian fashion magazine a friend gave me and every page i looked at i fell in love with all the designer stuff i saw especially the shoes and bags,they are to die for.I will show u some of the lovely shoes and bags i loved and the rest of them are in my finds @ Fashiolista,if u haven't joined you are missing out on so much.Check them out and let me know what you think:))))
These are Prada high heels and i want one exactly like these!oh my!!!

A must have Guess is one of my favorite designer!
Well!what to say am speechless!i want so badly!
Now this bag:one thing i loved about is the colour i love brown bags,i just find them so unique and neutral you can never go wrog with a brown bag i also love the star!nice!Blugirl!!
Of white bags i definately love this one!its just so classy!!i definately want to own one like this!
Italy is the place to be for all the latest fashion from shoes,clothes and bags.I hope to fly there someday and shop till i go crazy!....mwaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!