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Told ya'll African outfits are awesome!!


I never thought African wear was this cool until i saw different african designs that i fell in love with at first sight,for a moment i couldnt blink...:))oh my!! i cant wait to have a collection of African fashion in my closet.Check them out and feel free to tell me what you think!

i love

i know what to  wear the next time i attend wedding!hmmm

Am totally in love with African Fashion,especially with the African Fashion Week,New York  coming up in July i get excited by just reading and learning about African fashion everyday from here.

Nyasha Matonhodze the 16yr Old Model!

Am indeed inspired by the mentioned model Zimbabwe Born,British raised 16 year old who recently got an ad contract by Louis Vutton.I was checking out her pics and i must say am impressed,i can tell she is the kind of person who is fearless and goes for what she wants n doesnt listen to -ve people who bring her down...She previously told The Cut, "If you're not strong-minded, modeling can knock your confidence quite harshly. Every day you're judged on your look, and more so today you're judged on your personality. With that said, a lot of us are 15 or 16 years old, so some girls could really take the criticism personally. What we have to understand is that there's not something wrong with us per se, we just aren't a right fit with the client."
Checkout some of her runway pics that i totally loved..

Louis Vutton

i love!