R.I.P Amy whinehouse

can u notice the bird?i love the creativity in this photo

i love her hair , the lipstick and the jewellery is just lovely


              Hey lovely people!Fashion inspirations is about beautiful pictures and fashion that inspire me as a fashion blogger,i wont get much into details on the photos i let the pictures speak for themselves.Have a blessed week y'all.xoxoxox


You are Perfect to me!

Hi!!!today i feel like blogging about myself jus a little bit about my life and the struggles i have gone through.There was this time in my life where i kinda felt i was not pretty enough,i felt i was very n i looked at other girls who had big hips n big boobs and i wished i looked the same way they did.I even started eating unhealthy food so that i would gain weight and look sexy!lol...i was so stressed and after some time i started to accept myself as i am.I stopped giving a shx%t on what people thought about me.

 i consider myself blessed coz i know for a fact that i have this sexy body(am not bragging)i can eat whatever from junk to healthy foodstuff  and i dont gain weight thats what i love most about my body,but of course as a lady i still watch what i eat.
I think as we grow up there is a certain stage in our lives where we start comparing ourselves to other girls that we feel are more beautiful than ourselves thats when you start thinking of getting a plastic surgery coz you think maybe your boobs are not big enough.We should learn to accept our selves just as we are and i know for a fact everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way,so please dont compare yourself to others.Life is too short for us to be wondering what other people think of live it up to the fullest!i leave u with some random photos of myself


Have a lovely Thursday!!


Hello there :))
This week being the long awaited African Fashion Week New York which begins today 11th July and ends on 17th July,I thought it would be wise to feature some African designs that pretty much interest me,one of them is the Ankara Clothing.Ankara is a word used by Yoruba Speakers when referring to printed wax.It originated from Gold Coast and was spread all over west Africa.
The beautiful dress worn by the model is made of Ankara Fabric.The color is vibrant.Most important is to note that Ankara is primarily made in Ghana.It can be worn in various styles. The funky prints and patterns as worn by celebrities like Beyonce and Alicia Keys as you can see...
The fact that the likes of Beyonce n Alicia Keys embrace this new Ankara Craze is a big deal for as Africans this shows that our culture is being embraced in the modern world and that Old is Gold for sure.Remember the days of tie n die?Am sure some of us when we were young owned at least something that was tie and die i remember my neighbour used to make tie n die outfits and i would really admire them because they looked very artistic.

Suno is also one of the well known African Design.if you check out this link you will read that it was founded in 2008 by Max Ostererweirs after more than a decade of collecting textiles in visits in Kenya....yap that's right our very own motherland.The designs and Developments take place in New York City but majority of the collection is produced right here in Kenya.
Check out that coat pretty unique,i would love to know how much they cost.

You can spot Rihanna wearing a Sunno,she looks fabulous.

Boxing Kitten is also another fashion craze that is catching up fast.Solange Knowles is spotted in Boxing Kitten

 Also Naima,you can read more of it boxing kitten collection  here

I intend to feature more of African Designs in my Blog.I would highly appreciate your comments and views on African Fashion!



Hi Y'all i know i have been missing in action for some time well av been busy with school and work its kinda hectic and crazy!For those showing me some love by checking out my blog much thanks to you.My blog is still a baby...but am slowly picking up and i promise you great stuff!mmmmmhhh watch this space :)).!Any who here are some of my fashion inspiration that i got from my style page here check it out and feel free to follow me!
What i love most about this pic is the dress i love the colour and the design,sexy nice!huh!check out the shoes!oh my!
I love the blue shoes!very nice now that goes down in my a' must have list' and i like the blue bag too

What i like about this dress is the color and the design,pretty unique and not forgetting the accessories simple and nice.I don see alot of ladies in Kenya wear such beautiful dresses,correct me if am wrong i think its high time we embrace fashion and elegance in a HUGE way!
Sarah Jessica Parker,i just love how fashionable she is!

Polka dots!n the shoes....oooooh!
I just  love this photo!maybe its the shoes that make it so perfect !:))
I love the orange trench coat!n the bag n the boots!!!!!
Feel free to tell me what you think of these pics and also tell me where you get your fashion inspirations from!!!Enjoy your weekend!