STYLE PAGE !!my latest obsession

Hey y'all
I have  been MIA for a while.Thats coz i have been busy with school and exams and unfortunately i had no internet connection.I kinda felt like i was in a desert without water!sigh!Anyway now am back and i plan to give you more on more of exciting fashion goodies.I have so much planned this time round.In other news i just cant get enough of this,style page.If you haven't joined style page i swear you are missing out Big time!Here is a sneak peek :))

The most interesting thing about style page is that you get to meet other fashionistas out there and you get to see magazine covers of previous issues or upcoming ones.Personally i get more inspired fashion wise with the photos i get to see.I love the high fashion that i get to find there and the photography is just great.

Thanx for reading have a lovely week!