Of life and dreams.

Today is one of those days i woke up feeling a bit under the weather,i really dont know whats going on with me but i think am kinda worried about my future.You see am the kind of person who has learnt to work hard for all that i want and need  in my life & .so far so good,but am still craving for success and i dont think i will stop until the day i see that i have created the life that i dream of!

Apart from all these,am still a big lover of fashion and i dream of having as many colourful,stylish shoes like this ones...hopin that i will be wearing each and every one of them and i don get bored of them.

As we struggle to find fulfilment in life always remember that

of love and passion i always believe if you not happy with the person u with u need to get a move on and wait for this one person who you cant live a day without thinking of,i strongly believe that there is someone for everyone,so don force yourself into being happy if u not,life is too short we need to enjoy it to the max no matter what.

Am currently head over heels in love with shoes.......have a sneak peak of what i want for christmas myself..:))

Have a lovely week fashionistas and always remember



Fashion Pics

stay fashionable!!xoxoxox