Fashion After Dark at Skyluxx

The much hyped Fashion event in Nairobi that wasn't all that....I was so excited to attend F.A.D last week on Friday.I knew it would be glamorous and of course i would have a chance to interact with  Kenyan designers,fashion bloggers but shock on turned out to be the complete opposite.

"Fashion 2DIE4 is proud to be part of 'Fashion After Dark'. Are you a local designer, blogger, model, stylist, have your own tumblr, photographer, digital designer, music-based group, choreographer, accessory designer, have your own company...ANYTHING??? Comment here or email us:, and your name and work will be showing on the screens at SKYLUX LOUNGE this February 17th at ...the Masquerade Party.....FOR FREE!!!! This will probably be the biggest FASHIONISTA'S event all year!
Lots of press coverage, so this might be the breakthrough you've always wanted. :) we won't discriminate. Anyone and everyone will be listed!"

How come you did not advertise the bloggers,digital designers,photographers as you promised??I din't get to see anything being advertised on Skylux's screen...... And don't get me started on the masquerades that you were giving "fashionistas" at the entrance...what was that??ummmm.. the red carpet photo shoot ,where was it coz i din notice that..From my point of view Fashion After Dark was just an ordinary clubbing night,where the ladies and the guyz wore their usual partying outfits.Fashionistas could be hand picked,they were very few.
Am hopping the Next Fashion Event i go to will be worth my time & money!

Fashion 2 die 4,am sure you will do better next time but  don't get me wrong  these are just  my thoughts from a Fashion Blogger point of view.



  1. u a being toooooo generous with your words. 2 me it was a complete and total failure.. To the organizers... dnt strt doing smthng if u dnt knw hw to do it in the frst place! first understand wht u want 2 do then implement.... i'll admit ya'll had me go'n there wit the  description of the evnt untill i  came n gt disappointed ,so for creation of anticipation props! bt it still dsnt take from the fact that it ws a total flop....  man!!!! dnt we have a long way 2 go in terms of fashion.....

  2.  Yeah we sure do have a long way to go!Fashion in kenya is not given the glamour it deserves pple take it as just any other thing.Fashion Events should make a lasting Impression..i was so disappointed...Am hoping the next F.A.D will be a better one!

  3. n on another note... if it was a drinkn spree i was realy up for i wld hv gone to my local PUB!!!! i bet i cld have gotten more action than i got there.... 

  4. all we can do is keep the fingers crossed....

  5. have not been here for a while, thought i would check how everything is xx


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