Fashionable in African Print

Hope you had a lovely weekend.Mine was fantastic...and i have pics to prove it.:-) So as you know this is my first serious outfit post on my blog.Some pics i just styled my self up and took pics just for fun.Have a look!For the dress and the romper i bought the Fabrics then i had them made by Lynne of House of Kanga here in Nairobi,i absolutely loved her work.The red Tee is from Black Bird Jeans,its one of my favorite Tees

The first pic is me in African Print dress designed by Lynne of House of Kanga,Red Tee is by Blackbird Jeans The SWAG Tee i was talking about in my last post,then the last one is Romper in African Print designed by Lynne of House of Kanga.

African Print Romper

Print Dress

BlackBird SWAG Tee



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  2.  Thanks Zahra...:-)

  3. Love the way you've made African print look so hip and young. No more associating it with older women!! The blue colour of the romper is to die for. 
    Have  a great day:)

  4.  Thanks Audrey,i feel its high time we as Africans embrace print,especially the young people.Thanks for your lovely comment!Lovely Day to you.

  5. Growafricanhairlong GahlFebruary 15, 2012 at 2:09 PM

    o totaly love the outfits you look great too!


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