African Fashion at the Janet Collection Launch

The Janet Collection Event that happened at The National Museum,Nairobi on the 23rd of March...was pure bliss I loved how every guest made an effort to look Fashionable.Most of them incorporated a little bit of African print in their outfits and i must say the all looked outstanding.
Am looking forward to seeing the Janet Collection. Happy to see that we finally embracing African Fashion and supporting local designers!

Y'all looked Fabulous.More pics here The Fashion NoteBook and Sharzville


Allure Magazine March 2012 Issue

Nyasha Matonhodze and Eddie Campbell for Allure Magazine March Issue!

Photograpphed by Mario Testino
Styled by Pail Cavaco
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Kenyan Fashion Up and Coming like Really Fast!

Believe that!So i missed out on the Nairobi Fashion Market which was on March 10th and 11th and honestly i really do feel bad about it because  i really did miss out on a lot.I could tell this just by the hype that was on Facebook about it and not forgetting the photos on street style,the designers who showcased were so awesome am so proud of them.The designers were just amazing,so you will forgive me as i only have pics courtesy of Go Places Kenya.After looking at these photos i promised myself am attending all Nairobi Fashion Market Events.
I particularly fell in love with this dress the instant i saw it,the Fabric colour and patterns i really liked then the dress design the length...mmm...was just fantastic!now Kenyan Designers are really coming up and am loving this.Like i said earlier on pardon for i just have photos and i would have loved to know who this amazing designer is,anyone with info hit me up!

Accessories too were to die for i know Kenyans in the diaspora would love these

I saw these button earings made from African Print and my heart stopped!i looov and i want all of them...

I love these neck pieces,i know my mum would so loov them too!

Solange Knowles on the cover of Time Out-New York

She really makes Tangerine look so cool.I love it!
 Time Out New York
Have a lovely weekend and keep it Fashionable!


Street Style:Smarteez from Soweto

Smarteez they are colorful street savy fashionistas,made up of Kepi,Sibu,Floyd and Thabo.I love their confidence and passion for fashion,they are different and they definately stand out.

Cool or what?
more about them


Arise Magazine Fashion Week (AMFW 2012) My Favorite Designers

The recently concluded Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012 there were quite a number of designers that made me stop and stare while other designers didn't bring anything new just the same ol' designs and color blocking we see every day.I particularly loved what some designers showcased.Have a look

John Kaveke
From Kenya,i loved how he used vibrant colors and also incorporated the polka dots on his collection.I also found him to be among the few African Designers who largely focused on Mens Wear.I feel his collection totally rocked for me.

Mai Atafo
From Nigeria.There is something special about Nigerian Designers,they are so good at their designs and i give them Mad respect for that.What i loved about him is that the mens collection was outstanding,i love how he mixed pink,red n light blue....what now!Not the usual huh?

Arise Fashion Week 2012:Street Style

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Accesorizing Saturday!

Yes i do have an affair with unique  accessories.So today i got lucky when one of my closest friend decided to treat me to these wonderful pieces.I just had to share them with you because  i heart them.I  think  I know  most shops in Nairobi that sell nice earrings,bangles,bracelets and Neck pieces.Like the earrings below i bought them along Moi Avenue near Caprice (that place for fries)just next to Sonalaux hse there is a shop where they sell accessories.That shop has very unique and lovely earrings. The earrings were Kshs 100 each

I particularly loved the plaid ones first because of their colour red which is my favourite colour and i had been seeing such earrings on the net and i knew i had to get me one of those!The other red earrings kinda have a vintage look,but they ain't so unique like the others they are being sold in most shops that sell accesorries but i kinda like them too.

Then these green ones oh my!anything that has a touch of African print i don't even think twice about it because i love African!Ain't they just lovely!

Maxi Lace Skirt

I know its been a minute but am back now and it sure feels great to be back!I had missed blogsville thats for sure.I have been busy with school and work so at times blogging can be a challenge to me but i have great stuff i have been planning so keep it here and i promise you wont be dissappointed.
So last month i got featured on Sunday Nation Street Style!my first appearance on press hmmm it sure did feel good.I was styled by Nancie Mwai a fashion blogger and stylist,i lover her blog!Working with her was so much fun.
Idealy it was how to dress up a  lace maxi skirt.

The secret to looking good in a maxi skirt is dressing it up well from the shoes to the top.One thing i loved about this particular outfit was the uniqueness of the maxi skirt,its not your everyday look that you will see most Nairobi ladies pull and with these amazing weather the lace maxi is an ideal skirt to wear.
If you are short and thinking that you wouldn't pull this well you dont need to worry beacause you can select a high waisted skirt to create the illusion of longer legs.And wearing nice pair of high heels would accentuate the look.
I came across different Maxi Lace Skirts that i think are pretty cool too.

High Waisted Maxi Skirt worn with high heels

Would you rock a Maxi Lace Skirt???