Editorial:Myriam for FASHIZBLACK Magazine

I give a thumbs up to the stylist behind this editorial.I love the blend of bright colours.They look so amazing.i hope someday i can be this good at styling.

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Shoe Lust!

Looking Elegant and sexy!

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Roksanda Ilincic a line cocktail dress
$822 - matchesfashion.com

Bandage dress
£110 - celebboutique.com

Sleeveless dress
$895 - modaoperandi.com

Burberry trench coat
£995 - net-a-porter.com

Alejandro Ingelmo gold heels
$510 - luisaviaroma.com

Clutch handbag
$450 - modaoperandi.com

Editorial:Naomi Campbell for W Magazine July 2012

Am so loving this editorial by Naomi,she looks amazing.The outfits are equally nice.

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My Stylish Thoughts on Tusker Project Fame 5(tpf5)

The much awaited Tusker Project Fame 5 is back on once again and honestly last weekend the contestants totally  failed in FASHION.I didn't like the way they were dressed,they are meant to be future super  stars for crying out loud.They should dress comfortably according to their body size,personality and above all they should look fabulous.Here's how they looked.

From the outfits to the shoes,everything here was a mess.
Doreen:Purple dress,first of all that dress doesn't suit her body,maybe just maybe it could have looked better if she had a belt around her waist to cover her tummy,she didn't look comfortable.For the shoes am thinking nice open shoes would have been ideal to match up with her purple dress or rather she would have worn a neon pink shoe that would match with the neck thingy she has on!closed shoes is a no no for a super star on stage...too normal..for auditions its ok but not for a stage performance.
Mer:Yellow dress.That Turban walalalala!!was such a bad choice...it made her look older then the yellow dress sigh!they couldn't have chosen another color,really??that turban didn't match up he look at all and that belt didn't even help either.
Sharon:That dress was so wrong,she looked like she was going out with her buddies and when reaching the club there was a karaoke going on so she give it a try,i felt her performance was just terrible thanks to what she wore ,her hairstyle!who does Mohawk still????she looked too busy for the eyes the shoes were ok but still.......

Eunice,Imani and Fatuma
Oh well,just another ordinary street look for me,nothing stylish about them but i kinda like Fatuma's shoes they be good.

The gentlemen:Damian,Allan,Jackson
Damian:The geek look totally failed.I noticed that sweater is in the in thing for boys in Nairobi and personally i don't feel it,too common and the pants they are fine but,there is something wrong with his look,the shoes i don feel them too.
Allan:An ok look,nothing to talk about.......
Jackson:Definitely not a super star look.Fash Fail!

Joe and Jackson

Joe looked ok and he sang well too.............umm Jackson...really??that look..its like he is going on safari....

To summarize it all,Project Fame as the name suggest is to make you famous,you cant be famous without an attractive fashion sense.The stylists behind tpf5 should up their game an make this celebrities shine.And this would be a better chance to promote local designers to show case those amazing designs we have here in Kenya.Dress them Kenyan,let there be a Kenyan feel behind their dress code as this is a Kenyan show.
And definitely if you look good on the inside you will definitely feel amazing on the inside and the contestant will exude confidence and sing better.Some of the contestants just could be on probation because of the way they dressed which led to zero confidence and poor performance on stage.
Please note the clothes were amazing the problem is the way they were styled.
Hey,these are just my rants.I'll be checking you out again TPF5 this weekend hope you will not disappoint.

Photo Credits Tusker Fashionista

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Rockin it African

Hey lovelies,
I know its been a while since i posted something,well truth is i had been caught up by my exams.It has been a looong two weeks,but am happy am back now!am looking forward to hosting my first giveaway ever and i promise its gonna be an amazing one!so keep it here.
In the meantime,i have been coming up with some sets on how to rock it African,tell me if you like them..:))

The first look,well you can wear the flats for an easy day maybe when you hanging out with the girls and also it could pass for a night out to,with the boot heels and the silver clutch.
This one is my favorite i love the print skirt this is a look for hanging out with your boyfriend or just lunch with the girls.

Keep it Vonette!