Outfit Post:Floral Jumpsuit

Hey Lovely people!

Am really trying to keep up with my outfit posts,am so proud of myself.Hope y'all fine.You know i always thought taking photos for the blog would be so easy....well its not as easy as i thought,before i get the right pic i go through a lot of posing and after that editing begins....and it ain't easy at all and there is nothing as disappointing when you have taken pics and when editing you cant seem to find the right pics to use on the blog,it happened to me once but all in all its a learning process and am really getting a hang of it.So behind the smiles just know i went through a lot of poses.

I will be launching the African accessories i had earlier talked about on my previous post.Most of the pics  will be on my FaceBook Page ,dont forget to check them out.The bangles i wore here are part of the collection.

If you like get in touch with me through my facebook page and i will respond to you as soon as possible.

The full outfit

Floral Jumpsuit-----Bought it from my cousin
Ankle Boots-----Bought them from a friend
African Bangles-----Vonette Accessories.

Wishing y'all an awesome week!



Saturday:Outfit Post

Hi Lovelies,

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend.Mine so far so good.Yesterday i attended a party at my mum's place,its been very cold in Nairobi especially on Friday and Saturday.I totally had fun at the party.I  first had to go to work, i usually work half day on Saturdays,then in the afternoon i had to go see a client who was interested in an outfit from my collection Vonette Boutique  later in the afternoon i  went to mum's place.Here are the pics

I may not be able to frequently post outfit posts through out the week as i usually work from 8am to 5pm and getting time to take pics at the office can be kinda tricky,thats why my outfit posts are not so frequent.I will be doing outfit posts mostly over the weekends atleast then i have time to do so.

The African Fabric bangles and earrings i have worn are my latest projects :-),by this i mean i actually made them,i will be launching my line of Earrings and Bangles made of African Fabric and they will be for sale on my blog as from next week on Tuesday,i have made a variety of them,no worries more info will be available on Tuesday.

A summary of the whole outfit:

The trench coat---thrift shop
Sweater top----Gifted
Tights---------Jamia Mall
White Peep toes---Mutindwa Market
Bangles&Earings-----Vonette accessories

Have a lovely week y'all and thanks for passing by.



Janelle Monae the new face of Cover Girl!!!

That's right she is the new cover girl celebrity face!She joins the current brand ambassadors Taylor swift,Queen Latifah,Drew Barrymore among others.What really amazes me about her being chosen as the brand ambassador for cover girl is the simplicity in her style...this is what she has to say about her monochromatic wardrobe in the Sept Issue of Vanity Fair! ...... "It's part of having something that's transcendent. You could time travel, you could go all over the world, it won't ever go out of style," she says of her chic black and white. "It's just a part of a 'brand' that I created, even if nobody was watching. I know what I like; if you go to my closet, I have at least four of everything. Once you find what you like, it's like it worked yesterday, it works today, it'll work tomorrow"
 I couldn't agree more with that,style is something that is effortless,makes you stand out from the crowd and as long as you believe in yourself the rest of the world will believe in you.


Colour Blocking,tips,facts and tricks

Currently i have been obsessing over colors especially bright ones.And i came to realize colour blocking is so easy as long as you know which two colors compliment each other... and thank God for the color wheel as it clearly shows how to blend in the colours..

According to the colour wheel,colours that are directly across each other go well together like green and magenta,blue and yellow...e.t.c Also a colour scheme designer does the trick,clearly shows which colours compliment each other.
Here are some basic facts about colour Blocking
  1. accentuating and tying these colours is usually done with shoes and accesories
  2. any solid coloured clothes in bright hues can be mixed and matched to make fantastic colour blocked outfit
  3. play bright colours against each other for bold new  looks
  4. black and white are seen occasionally but can create stunning looks when paired with eye popping colours.
Fashionable people Colour Blocking!

I think colour blocking is one of those trends that are here to stay!Its one of those looks if you get it right u will always make a fashionable statement wherever you go.

Pictures courtesy of google! and NuSophisticate Blog

Stay Fabulous



Winners of the African Print Jacket Giveaway

Hey Lovely People!!!!!,First of all apologies for delaying in announcing the winners,i know i was to do so yesterday but i have been kinda busy,anyway first of all a big thank you to all of you who participated in the giveaway am more than pleased,i wish i could give y'all the jacket but unfortunately i had only two jackets to giveaway.It wasn't easy choosing the winners as everyone of you proved that they really should win this  amazing African Print Jacket....and the winners are:CYNTHIA MWANGI and WAMBUI KIIRU!Congrats to both of you and  you do get a chance to have a custom made African Jacket that will be designed by yours truly!:).Kindly get in touch with me through my facebook page.

Once again a big thank you to all who participated,i will be holding giveaways quite often so that different people get a chance to win.