Kitenge Carrot Pants!

When i first started blogging,i instantly fell in love with African Fashion.I loved the vibrant fabrics from different parts of Africa to be honest i adore fabrics from West Africa and someday when i get a chance to go there i will carry a whole lot of them in my with time i got so into it so much that at some point i thought i could start designing my own outfits from African Fabric,make them look modern,chic and slowly i have been doing so but the road has been abit rough but am getting a hung of it.So watch this space for amazing designs from yours truly :-).
To all of you who keep constantly checking out my blog,am so greatful for the support,words cant express how much i feel delighted everytime i see i have readers from different parts of the world.
Anyway I wore one of my designs African Print or Kitenge Carrot Pants to the Kitenge Fest.

I incorporated a simple top n my black heels.

Feel free to comment on what you think about my outfit.Have a lovely week y'all!



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  1. I'm not big on printed pants but these I'd definitely wear. Maybe the fact that they have pink in the contributes to this:)


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