25 on the 27th!!

Hey Lovely People!

Yes i turned 25 years old yesterday 27th Jan.For me this was a different kind of birthday as i decided to have lunch with my boyfriend instead of the usual partying all night long.
We had Lunch at The Tribe hotel.

Blog Review 2012

Happy New year to all my lovely readers!

I must say 2012 has been a great year for me in blogsville!I can say i achieved some of the goals i had set out for myself,like featuring more outfit posts on the blog,which i think i really tried.Here is a review of the outfit posts on my blog.

Most of my outfit posts kinda give me memories on the different life experiences i have been through like when i launched my boutique in July,It was the most life changing experience for me because i actually realized my dream and am happy it was and still is a success.This year i Plan to grow further with that.I intend to have my own unique line and as i climb up the ladder of being a designer i pray and hope for success to follow me all through.
During December 2012 i didn't blog much because i was on Holiday down at the coast(Mombasa).I have never had so much fun like i did while i was there.Here are a few pics of those fun times.