Outfit Post:Sunny Yellow

How are you!

Am fine cant complain much except that i have been late in posting some outfit posts.All the same this is what i wore last weekend...eeeeh the other weekend.Sorry for the late post..;(

I wore a sheer top,Pink short and my ankle boots...i really love them but they are kinda high i dont wear them so often.

That day the weather was just fantastic!am currently enjoying the weather in Nairobi although the heat can at times be too much.
Here is the most recent outfit,Its what i wore on sunday.

What i really loved about my Sunny Yellow look is the statement Neck Piece...i bought at Super Cosmetics along Koinange Street,they really have unique Neck Pieces.My sunflower bag i bought from the streets there a while back there were women exhibiting hand made items and the moment i saw the bag i was totally impressed!

And now am officially addicted to red lipstick,i just cant get enough!Maybe its also because Red is my favourite colour!I got positive response from my make up post on redlipstick....thanks much!Oh and my chunky Pink Bracelet i bought it from my pal Owendi check out her page here,she sells some pretty shoes too.

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Make Up Wednesdays:The Red Lipstick


Yes i know its thursday but i really wanted to post this yesterday...so its make up wednesdays on thursday..:-)!Yes!Now lets get to it...:-).I actually never liked lipsticks at all!anything coloured on my lips was a no no for me but then again when you grow up thinks change,the things that you used to not like you fall in love with them.
So my lipstick journey started with a pink lipstick as i was too afraid to try out a red one..:-)

Before deciding on which lipstick to apply,you should get a colour that matches your skin tone.The good thing is that there are different shades of colours that can match with your skin tone.You just cant walk into a beauty shop and say i want a red lipstick...you can buy one that will totally dissappoint you.So keep in mind your skin tone when buying a lipstick.
After gaining confidence i finally bought a red lipstick but i first did my research on how dark skinned girls should look in redlipstick..hehehe i didnt want a trial and error situation so i got me a Sleek Red lipstick pearl wine no.542..and the moment i tried it on i completely fell in love with it!

I couldn't wait to get home and try it on vizuri meaning well in Swahili...whats your take?Are you bold enough to try?

Between the red and the pink Lipstick i would say i love the red one totally works for me!Hope you have enjoyed my make up post...

From me n my Puppy Damian..Have a lovely weekend!

P.S sorry the pics aint so clear i had to use my instagram photos :-(


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Editorial:Tailor Swift For Elle Magazine

Its been a minute since i did a post on editorial and this Editorial for Elle magazine is one of my best so far.

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Trend Alert Tuesday!

Hi Fashion lovers!

Today is all about trends!whats hot this season.That is Pastels and Monochromes!Pastel colors are mainly peach,soft aqua blues.I particularly love this look because the colours are cool and unique they aint as bright as neon colours and have a soft appeal to it.

Accessories too have a huge role to play in any given outfit.You have to know what blends in with the outfit.Accessories ain't just the jewellery only but also the nail polish you have on adds some sort of impact to your outfit so always remember to accessorize well to add an extra glam to your outfit.

Another trend this season is the Black and white Monochrome look!

A simple look to pull out thats if you not into pastel colours.You can never go wrong with this two colours...Black and White!

Beyonce pulled off a monochrome look on the recent Grammy awards.Simple nice...huh!

Monochrome doesnt have to be in black and white only it can be in different colours.

Have a fantatsic day!



Inspiration Mondays!


I had an awesome weekend!hope you did to!So am really working towards blogging each and everyday under different themes!That will make the blog more interesting :).Before i go on i would like to bring to your attention that my Blog is actually 2years old!Thats right i started blogging in Feb 2011!Its been an amazing Journey,i have learnt so much and i have met so many people thanks to my blog.Am greatful for all of my followers in FaceBook and blogger and to that reader who always keeps coming to check out my posts!

The feeling i get when am blogging is just priceless!I love my blog to bits that's for sure!
I will do another detailed post on my blog journey just to summarize how Fashion Blogging has been for me.
For now we go ahead with Inspiration Mondays!Basically about Fashion Inspiration from all over the world,mainly Fashion pics of what designs/looks inspire me!

A Dressy Affair at the Grammy's 2013


So i always promise myself every now and then that am going to be consistent in blogging but then life happens i get so busy with lots of things in my life that i end up neglecting my blog which is not good at all.So am planning to blog atleast every day of the week...hehehe yes am that ambitious..lol and each day i will come up with different themes i think that would be easier and am also going to feature guest bloggers!!!that will be fun for sure.Enough about me...now now now The grammy's 2013...well some celebrities went out of their way as usuall to look spectacular!

J-Lo,Alicia Keys and Kelly Rowland!talk about sexy....they look stunning in these black dresses!I particularly loved Kelly's dress.

Aaaah!Gentlemen in suits!!Justin Chris Brown and Drake they sure did make an effort to look dapper!

Janelle Monae!Looking amazing as usual a look i should try out someday!

Katy Perry and Natasha Beddingfield...oh well Natasha's Dress is nice nothing much to say aboutsame goes to Katy Perry.

Rihanna's Red Dress was definately one of the best looks for the day,she looks beautiful and innocent all covered up ,dont you think?lol

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