Inspiration Mondays!


Its been a minute!Honestly i have been busy working on a new project in regards to fashion that will soon be revealed.I mentioned about my Fashion dreams in my first blog post this year,so am really working hard to make that dream become a reality.
One thing for sure is that Fashion Business aint a piece of cake as some might think,it takes a lot of hard work.Especially for me whose working and am also finishing up on my college its abit hectic but it must be done.
This time round,i plan to go all the way out on my designs its going to be a variety of stuff,i will mention all about when am through with everything.
At some point i was giving up on my Fashion dream,i felt like i was trying too hard because things were not falling to place as i wanted,but now am all ready for the challenge!am going to face it head on,so y'all better be ready for me.

My focus is mainly on african Fashion as i feel Africa has soo much potential when it comes to fashion and i believe Kitenge is an amazing fabric that can do wonders.

Am so excited about my upcoming collection and i just can't wait to share it with the world.

"To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality"

Photo credits:Tumblr

Have an amazing week

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