My Favourite Top 10 You Tube Channels on Fashion,Make Up and styling Tips.

Lately i have been obsessed with watching you tube channels on fashion and beauty thanks to one of my lovely friend Kangai.She is a make up artist who is perfect at what she does and you can see it from her YT channel.My crazy obsession to make up too led me to different amazing and talented people on you tube,so here are my favourite channels i watch at least every week to learn more on fashion and beauty.
1.Bellesa Africa
A make up channel by Kangai.What i love most about Bellesa Africa is the way she explores different looks on her models.Check out her videos i can tell you for sure you won't be disappointed,all you have ever wanted to know about locally available products you can use on your face she will advice on where to get them.

2.Wendy's Look Book
I love wendy she is one of the best fashion bloggers i have come accross so far.Her Photos are crystal clear,her videos just perfect and above all her style is to die for...she looks amazing in any outfit she puts on.Am really inspired by her,I read her blog daily!

3.Shameless Maya
Another channel that really inspires me is Shameless Maya.She shamelessly promoted herself for bold and brave of her.Her channel clearly shows her journey to promoting herself,she hers some crazy videos and i totally love her personality too.

4.Shirley B. Eniang
Her videos are extensive from make up to styling tips to her day to day looks.She gives an insight of what she wore and also does make up tutorials.

5.Beauty By Lee
Her make up tutorials are amazing,i really admire how she does them and also the way she styles her hair according to her make up look.Love it!love it!

Recap of The Nairobi Fashion Week 2013

I had an unforgettable experience at the Nairobi Fashion week.The event was all out to promote upcoming young designers in the fashion industry and all the designers who showcased at the event went out of their way  to make sure that their designs stood out.One designer really stood out for me was Ann McCreath's daughter who was the designer for the Kikoti Collection.

If you look closely at the models you can see they had bands of Hands off our elephants campaign this is because the Line supports that campaign,which i find it to be really cool considering that poachers are causing havock to our wildlife.
The turn out at the event was also impressive but the event started rather late at around 8:30pm something i think event organisers should work on next the event was meant to kick off from 7pm.I really didn't take so many photos as i thought i would because i was using my phone and the photos were not that clear as you can see,but not to worry next time the pics will be better i promise.A few of the fashionable people at the event..

Miss Joy Kendi(in leather skirt) and Shitawah(in the lovely fur coat) both fashion bloggers and stylists and their friend( in white jeans).They all looked fabulous at the event.

This young ladies all looked lovely i particularly like the stripped peplum dress very classy and fashionable.
I didn't manage to take a full photo of what i wore unfortunately but this is just a glimpse of how i looked.

For more photos on how the event was check out The Nairobi Fashion week .page on facebook,as it was a three day event.
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Designer Spot Light:Accessories by Abiye

It's been a while since i featured this segment on my blog,from now on its going to be there.I love African accessories because they can be worn with different outfits.Today i get to feature an amazing accessories designer Abiye. Her brand is accessories by Abiye which was launched in December 2012 by Abiye-Yvonne Dede.The brand makes unique handcrafted accessories to compliment the personality of each individual;enhancing their personal style without compromising on elegance.Inspired by African Prints,bold colours & the latest trends comes a unique collection of fashion accessories guaranteed to make any outfit stand out.Their accessories reflect a fantastic combination of trend,style & vibrant colour.

 African Print Shoes

Flower Brooch & Necklace

 African Print Ankara Bangles

Abiye says one of the key elements of her personal style is accessorising:
"I love the way accessories can transform any basic outfit and accessorising is a key element of my personal style.I wanted to make accessories that were bold,sophisticated and feminine-accessories that although were inspired Africa & African Prints can be worn with any basic outfit,to create an African meets western look"

You can purchase these items among others on her store at etsy and my amazing readers get a 5% OFF on any purchase at her store!exciting right!visit the store and type "BLOGFEATURE05 "at the check out.
You can also connect with Accessories by Abiye on:

P.S If you are an African Designer and would love to be featured on designer spotlight...just send me an Email and i will review it and post it.

Enjoy the rest of your week & as always thanks for checking out my blog.



T.G.I.F:Funky Friday

Like i said,am loving the weather,just perfect hope it stays that way and doesn't get cold.Am such a sucker for polyvore sets and once i start creating them i just cant stop,i feel like going on and on clearly am in love with styling.When i come across amazing sets like this one i feel obliged to share them on my Facebook page and as long as it doesn't have my Vonette logo on it just know it hasn't been put together by me.There are lots of creative people out there that's for sure,my favourite sets:

Words can't even describe how much i heart Janelle Monae's style,i respect her for her exquisite look and creativity when it comes to fashion.

Miss Bee!looking all classy and dazzling..i think black and white is the simplest look to go for for some reason there is usually some sort of "classyness"  to it.

For this particular set what attracted me was the colour block(blue n red)so perfect and the blue pants are to die for!
You can check out more sets on shortyluv's polyvore.

Have an awesome weekend & always stay Fabulous.



Outfit Post:Striped Skirt in four fashionable ways

Hello Lovelies,
Striped skirts,dresses,tops,pants are a hot trend this season but sometimes you can get confused on how to style your stripped outfit.I came up with my own way of wearing a striped skirt.Check it out

A trend that won't phase out anytime soon has got to be the peplum outfits.A peplum top always looks good when worn with a fitting skirt especially a pencil skirt.A black peplum skirt paired with a black and white striped skirt is just a perfect monochrome look.

Adding colour also makes the striped skirt look bright and fun.You don't necessarily have to wear pink am sure you can put on a yellow jacket and still look stunning.

Even a simple sleeveless top can as well be worn with the skirt and also the shoes matter as well.I particularly love my black ankle boots i have worn them a couple of times,i just can't let go though i think i need to.

You can also go for the official stylish look with a half coat.Here i tried mixing up colours if not colour blocking.Also accessories also add some edge to the whole look.
Here is a summary of the four different ways you can style a striped skirt.My favourite is with the peplum top.

I can't wait for it to be finally sunny in Nairobi,this cold can be annoying sometimes.
Striped Skirt bought it from H&M Abu Dhabi
white sleeveless top from Shana Abu Dhabi
Peplum Top bought it from a friend
Black Ankle Boots bought it from a friend
Pink Jacket my own design
Gold coated Neckpiece supercosmetics
Silver Neckpiece was a gift
Multi coloured Neckpiece bought it from a friend
Green n pink heels bought them from a random exhibition in town

Have an awesome week!


Blogger Style Crush:Basma.K.Styles

Eid Mubarak!to all my Muslim brothers and sisters!

I had the chance to visit Abu Dhabi during the Holy Month of Ramadan(July) and i more so loved the city and really admired the Islamic culture ,the rules observed during ramadhan!sigh!was a challenge for me during those few days i was eating or drinking in public... but despite that i had a pretty good time shopping at the various malls they have in Abu Dhabi .What i admired most in Arabic women is their sense of style and fashion,they really have good taste,i could tell from the way they dressed and more so they sure  know their fashion brands as i could see them carrying bags from H&M ,Body Shop,Gucci among other trendy fashion stores in Abu  Dhabi.I would definately visit Abu Dhabi again for some shopping therapy,it's such a lovely city.
So I came across this amazing Muslim Blogger from the UK and i completely fell in love with her Style.She's got it all from colour blocking,denims,stripes...her outfits are amazing not forgetting the lovely  Hijab/Scarfs she has on,all different and blend in with her outfits perfectly and she also sells them on her website.

I love the way she colour blocks her outfits!

She really blends well the  Hijab's with her outfits and not forgetting her make up!

Her Style is stunning.So if you thought Muslim women ain't got style...we'll here is proof.
You can check out her style Basma.K.Style Face Book Page
Photo Credit:Google

Have a lovely weekend



My Make Up Essentials

Hello Beautiful people!
Hope your weekend was awesome!I stayed indoors the whole weekend I honestly didn't even  leave the house until today morning when i was coming to work.The weather in Nairobi ain't pleasant at all its dull & cold.Here is what i have been up to,I thought i would share with you my step by step make up routine because lately i have been a make up addict,nowadays its almost impossible for me to leave the house without putting on a bit of make up.So here is how i do it:

This were the key make up essentials i used:Liquid Foundation-Black Opal Beautiful Bronze,Face Powder-Suzzy Beauty  SB 60,Eye shadow pallet - O'Loral,Lipstick Sleek Pearl wine & Island Beauty Pure Pink.
The first Step i did was to wash my face with Neutrogena Facial Wash then i applied a moisturizer on my face.Moisturizer is really important as it acts as a sealant to keep the skin's natural moisture from evaporating through the pores.
Second step:I used Black Opal Liquid foundation,beautiful bronze.I prefer black opal to sleek foundation as its lightweight and oil free as compared to sleek liquid foundation which is bulky and after a few hours your face becomes oily...i don't like that at all!!So i tried using a liquid foundation brush as an applicator which i found it to be too much work,i think i would rather stick to the sponge and leave the brush to the make up artists.

Third Step:Suzzy Beauty Face Powder to even out my skin.The liquid foundation when applied makes the face look more smooth  while the powder also makes it smooth and adds polish to any make up.
Fourth Step:was my eyes i applied a little bit of eye shadow on my eyelids as you can see above then i also applied mascara on my eye lashes i used M.A.C water proof mascara.The good thing about mascara is it thickens and lengthens eye lashes making them more visible.I also used eye pencil on my eyebrows i just brushed it over my eyebrows to just add abit of colour,if you press it so much you end up looking funny.
Fifth Step:Lipstick...i used 2 different Red lipsticks, sleek the one with matte and Island Beauty without matte,i did this because I love both of them Sleek has this red rich color but i don't like how it shines so i reduce that by using island beauty on top of it.So for the first layer i apply sleek then second layer i use island beauty Red lipstick.

Then I also decided to try on another shade of lipstick Island Beauty Pure Pink.I heart this pink Lipstick,it was my first time trying it out and i fell in love.What i love about the Island Beauty Brand is that their lipsticks tend to last longer compared to sleek Lipsticks that's from my own point of view.

So here is a summary of my make up transformation:The Before and after Shots.

What are your make up essentials,what can't you leave the house without applying?For me as you can see its foundation and lipstick that's a must.
P.S Special Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the pics!

Have an amazing week y'all and thanks for reading my blog!


The Curvy n Confident Lady

Hey Fashionistaz!

Thank God its Friday!I have had an awesome week cant complain.As you can see on my face book page i have become more active finally.I decided to grow in terms of my posts,i will no longer just focus on fashion alone but also makeup,hair posts and very soon i will pick up on my outfit posts as soon as i get a new camera.Onto Curvy n Confident,i got to admit i admire the confidence in curvy fashion bloggers,I have come across some of their blogs and I like the message they don't have to be petite skinny to be fashionable.Gone are the days when curvy women would hide themselves in baggy outfits these days its all about embracing the curves.Check out this set i put together on how you can style your curvy self!

I heart this dress!she definately looks gorgeous in it!

Then there is this other set,in my opinion i think curvy ladies look way better in boyfriend jeans than we petite skinny ladies.Personally i like boyfriend jeans but i wouldn't get myself one as its just not my style,i doubt if i would look good in them as i tend to think curvy ladies look better in them.

What are your thoughts on being Curvy and Fashionable?Let me know..
Have an awesome weekend and be safe!

Photo Credits:Pinterest