OutFit Post:Red on Pink!

Hello Lovelies!

Hope everybody is doing fine.I had a lovely weekend,after work on saturday i went to the salon to get my hair done...yes i work on saturdays i  really don't like it but its not like i have an option!I decided to get a short weave for a change.
Since i was feeling abit lazy to cook  i decided to order some food through HelloFood Kenya thank God for them because you can order food through them from any restaurant of your choice..guess what i had!Nyama Choma n Ugali....my favourite meal..any way back to my outfit...this is what i wore!

I wore red skinny pants and this very light top that has very vibrant colours i like this top because you can pair it up with any pair of coloured of jeans or even a short.To add more funk to the outfit i decided to accessorize with chunky african print bangles and a ring and blue button like earings.

I wore this pink heels...i heart them.

My Dog Damian usually gets so excited whenever we are at the balcony taking photos so that's him behind me,the number of times he was photo bombing me yesterday..lol..i just had to take a pic with him.

 Have an amazing week darlings and remember to always live your life like its golden!

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Outfit Post :Distressed skinny Jeans

Hope you had a lovely weekend like i did.Am happy the cold weather is gone and its all sunny now !So yesterday I went to church and i wore my favourite distressed skinny jeans,loose fit chiffon high low top and ankle boots.Since it was so hot outside i went for the casual look.

I love this ankle studded boots they are kind of similar to the other ankle boots only difference is the studds i find this particular ones are more funky!

 The sling bag am carrying i bought from Kongowea market at Mombasa,i don't carry it often but i love the quality its pure leather i tend to think so..and the high low chiffon top i bought it from H&M Abu Dhabi...its the perfect top for a hot day!

As for the accessories ...i bought the earings from Super cosmetics the one at Queens way in town and my necklace i bought it from Super Cosmetics but the one along Koinange Street.

A while back i mentioned my you tube Channel,well i have been working on it this whole weekend...i did a video over the weekend that i will share with you very soon.As soon as am done editing i will let you know about it!
As for now,do have an amazing week!As usual am thankful for having you here today!

Keep It Vonette!!

Street Style:New York Fashion Week 2013

I just can't get enough of street style at the New York fashion week,i keep on checking up fashion Bomb Daily's faceBook Page .One thing is for sure street style is becoming a big deal just like the runway shows in most fashion events.With that said check out the street style New York Fashion week.My favourite looks!

Outfit Post:Maxi Love

Still on the love for African Fashion,what i wore yesterday was  a maxi skirt made from Kitenge Fabric and i paired  it with a yellow vest top that i have worn before here.and also paired it  with my  orange bag,just to add more colour to my already bright outfit.
Bright colours are a trend this season so adding a colorful accessory to any outfit is a plus as long as it blends well or rather colour block it well.

As for the accessories,I wore different shades of green for the necklace neon green and the hand accessory was lime green and orange earings.

As for the shoes,i had silver sandals that i bought from Mr.Price,i have only worn these sandals like three times and yesterday they snapped so if you looking to buying sandals i wouldn't advice you to go to Mr Price because this is not the first time i have bought sandals from their store and didn't last long,i would rather buy my sandals from Toi market next time.

This one of my favourite shots of my outfit post i didnt know i could jump this high!....lol

Have a lovely week Beautiful People.As always thanks for checking out my blog i totally appreciate!



Inspiration:2 African Girls

Am a lover of African Fashion without a doubt!I love the prints,i love kitenge but more so i love the Ankara fabric from the West Africa.The vibrant colours and patterns on the fabric give life to any outfit designed in  African fabric be it the Khanga,Kitenge or Ankara.That's why whenever i come across bold prints designed immaculately I feel proud to be African...Designers world wide have found a way of merging current fashion trends with the African Print.In this case I heart 2 African Girls Designs!their outfits are high end that's for sure.They designed an outfit for Draya that made a buzz all over the world,every one wanted a piece of that outfit!and for sure the lucky ones got the exact same one before it was sold out.

This young designers for sure are talented.They have done a couple of amazing outfits that i just adore and if you follow them on instagram am sure you can attest to these.One of their latest designs i came a cross recently is this one...

Their fashion line is edgy,bold,daring,elegant and classy!just my kind of style.

For More information on 2  African Girls Check out their facebook page  yes you can order this beautiful pieces from their online shop .

Have a lovely day.
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Street Style @Nakuru Prinsloo 7's

As promised here are a few pics of fashionable people at Nax Vegas who agreed to have their photos taken by me and am grateful to that,some people were camera shy others just didnt want their photos taken.Here they are,i will upload the same on the blog's  facebook page feel free to tag yourself if you among these beautiful people!

I actually forgot to mention my outfit details in my previous outfit post here .The African Print high waist skirt designed by me,Orange wedge shoes i bought them mutindwa market,chiffon top from Mr.Price Blue Scarf H&M.

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Outfit Post:High Waist African Print Skirt

Over the weekend,i attended Prinsloo 7's at Nakuru.As usual rugby events are full of hype,die hard fanatics who are just hilarious and you can't miss to see fashionable people around.What i wore on this day was a high waist African Print skirt,chiffon top,African print bangles and orange strap wedges.I went for the pretty chic laid back look.

What i love most about Rugby events is just the spirit of cheering the best teams but i personally cheer anyone with the ball who is running super fast to go score :) hope one day i can understand 100% what usually goes on in the pitch.

The weather at Nakuru was amazing its not as cold as it is in Nairobi.What i didn't like much was the night life the famous night clubs were fully packed and i can bet its peeps from Nairobi who are to blame!all the same i had an amazing time at Nakuru.
Am really struggling with editing my pics and they are taking forever to load...I will do another post on street style at Nakuru Prinsloo 7's as i had taken photos of fashionable people at the event.Here is just one of them the rest will be uploaded in my next post.

Thanks for reading my blog,i promise more photos about the event on my next post.Have a lovely evening.