OutFit Post:Neon Pink and Floral Jeggings

After having an awesome saturday at the fashion market i just wanted to chill out on Sunday.I had bought this floral jeggings from a friend a while back but i couldn't just get the top to wear it with,so here i played it safe with a neon pink vest and a cheetah print scarf.

Since i have been a make up addict lately i tried out  the smokey eyed make up and it just made my eyes look even more tiny..lol..i really have tiny,chinese eyes almost!

Outfit Details

Floral Jeggings---Market stalls exhibition
Neon Pink Vest---H&M,AbuDhabi
Leopard Print Blue Scarf--H&M AbuDhabi
Grey Sandals---Mr.Price
Pink Earrings---River Road at some shop
Pink Bracelet--Lil Pretty Shoes online store on FB

Have an awesome day my lovely friends.



Event Review:Nairobi Fashion Market

Its one event i have always looked forward to attending previously but i never had a chance but this year i knew i had to make time and attend the event...i didn't want to blog about it from a third party point of view like i did here in 2012 .What i love most about Nairobi Fashion market is that they give upcoming Kenyan designers a platform to showcase their designs for example one designer that i met and felt inspired by her collection is Sheena C .Her collection on the runway was amazing.
Apart from that i met other young designers who make stuff in terms of interior decor...African Print Inspired Seats,beaded place mats and mirrors among other stuff.This particular ones are by Jatu Designer I would really love to feature her  on my designer spotlight segment so that we see more of her  interior decor designs.

I also loved Afrovazi stall set up,it was too damn lovely kinda brought out the personality of the designer...chic and glamorous..

She had some colourful bags and shoes and an awesome personality...nice to meet you Kui!
Simbaress Fashions by Diana Nekoye,she also had amazing African  Print outfits

This other young designer Lisa from the feather tree also had some beautiful shoes winter boots to be precise..i think i forgot to take photos of what she was selling but i took a photo of her she looked gorgeous,from the photo you can spot the winter boots behind her..more details here


Flashy n colourful accessories by Vbrins i really liked them i was so tempted to buy the whole shop..lol

Now onto the Runway fashion show.I managed to take a few photos of Sheena C's designs...

Everyone who showed up at the event looked stylished.....and  i love capturing such moments to share with you my amazing readers...am also going to put up the same photos on my blog's facebook page feel free to tag yourself.

I will upload more photos on my facebook page.Thanks for checking out my blog.

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Outfit Post:What I wore to Nairobi Fashion market Event

The spectacular event took place at the Ngong Racecourse for two days Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th Oct.I was ubber excited especially when i got complimentary tickets which was just by sheer luck.

So i wore an Aztec Print Pencil dress which i bought from a friend's shop here and silver sandals that i bought from Mr.Price,for the accessories the sunglasses i bought them from Mr.Price too and the neck piece is from super cosmetics i have worn it here before and the chunky african print bangles i made them.The Orange bag i bought from an online shop on facebook.

I love this pencil dress more so because of the prints and it can still look stylish if you pair it up with heels but for this particular event i didn't want to subject myself to that because i knew i would move around a lot so i went for the sandals.To break the monochrome look i had an orange bag just to add more life to my whole look.
I took lots of photos am putting them up on my next blog post and i also met a fellow  fashion blogger  Lucia Musau

We met after the event so we really didn't have a chance to take a good photo.She is a really good fashion blogger and i admire her sense of style!I was so happy to see her!
I didnt want to post everything on one post so my next post is on the event,from vendors,runway shows  to street style.

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Strictly Men's Affair 4:Dapper Individuals

Its been a minute!Hope y'all had an awesome weekend.Mine was awesome way too awesome i just had to emphasize on that.I know i have been slacking much on my outfit posts but not to worry i will get back to it..very soon that's for sure.
Once in a while i like posting on men's fashion and to be honest nothing beats a man who is well dressed and of course wearing a cologne to die for,yes that's what turns us on :)!!

So what are this essentials that a man should atleast have in his closet?Well i came across this on pinterest and thought i would share it here....So this are the essentials from formal to official...its quite interesting!

Men can also play around with colours...but i think you really have to be bold to do it...and should also know which colours compliment you!

Eye candy for the ladies!!

I leave you with this awesome quote!

                                     Enjoy the rest of your week beautiful people!
                                                 Pics courtesy of pinterest

Curvy and confident:Melissa McCarthy for Elle Magazine

Sometime this week i really wanted to do a post on curvy  women but just when i got to it i couldn't get words to express what i really wanted to share hope that makes sense,but yesterday when i came across Melisa's McCarthy cover shot on Elle and the whole criticism it brought about...it got me thinking about plus size women ...i thought to myself..whats wrong with her appearing on the cover of Elle all covered up...i mean its not a bad thing at all...she still is beautiful if anything i love her hair and the expression on her face,she looks bold and confident.
The everyday norm of cover girls being less dressed on magazines is what most people are used to but it doesn't have to be the case all the time.I think she looks beautiful covered up and i think the stylists did a good job don't get me wrong but a change is as good as a rest once in a while.
I also tend to think there are certain limits plus size models cannot cross in the name of fashion for example if she had worn a fitting short dress with her cleavage showing,do you think it would look right?For a skinny model thats perfect but for a plus size it may convey a different message...just my thoughts  though!
 I came across this photos on pinterest on curvy ladies style that i thought i would share with you..

What are your thoughts and opinions about the curvy women and more so plus size models..do you think they should be in the same league with the petite models when it comes to photo shoots??

Photos coutesy of yahoo and pinterest

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Beauty: What's your skin type?

I can bet for a fact that most ladies can't tell their skin types and that's where the problem starts when we start applying make up before knowing what make up best suits us.I believe before you apply any make up on your face you should first know your skin type and use the right products  that's in terms of a cleanser,facial scrub,toner among other products.Another beauty mistake some ladies make is they use a product because they have seen a friend using it on them and it works well.The thing is it isn't a guarantee that the same product your friend or sister used on her face will also work on yours.
So the different skin types and their characteristics include:
Dry skin
Characteristics of a dry skin include dull and rough complexion.sometimes it kind of feels tight and itchy.The solution to this type of skin is to moisturize your face daily.
Oily Skin
Characteristics of oily skin include enlarged pores,dull or shiny thick complexion,black heads and pimples.My skin type falls in this category so what i usually do to take care of my skin is to at least use facial scrub twice a week on my face,and also i use a cleanser and moisturize.I prefer to use Neutrogena products as they work well for me and the good thing is they have facial products according to your skin type.I would recommend their products.
Sensitive Skin
Characteristics  for sensitive skin type include dryness and itching.Solution to these is to drink tonnes of water through out the day and of course apply moisturizer on your skin.
Combination Skin
Characteristics of combination skin include overly dilated pores,black heads,shiny skin.
Normal Skin
I think this is the best skin type to have as you have no or less imperfections,no severe sensitivity,barely visible pores and you have a radiant complexion.

I think as ladies we should take care of our skin daily because at the end of the day if you don't some make ups that you apply might back fire on your face,you start getting ugly pimples wondering what is going on and yet its all because you didn't pay attention to your skin type before applying make up.

Always remember to protect,heal and cleanse your skin because if you have smooth skin it radiates that you are healthy and you will definately feel and look younger!I think the secret to beautiful skin is to drink lots of water and cleanse your face more often,moisturize and NEVER sleep with your make up on.

Thanks for reading.Comments will be highly appreciated.

Pictures  courtesy of  Pinterest and Polyvore


Blogger Style Crush:Meek N Mild By Shirley B Eniang

My  Blogger style crush is one who oozes style and confidence in most if not all of her outfit posts.In addition to that i look up to them for a sense of style and inspiration for my day to day looks.One amazing fashion blogger from London that i truly admire and envy her style is none other than Shirley B!You can tell this from the way she portrays her outfits of the day on her blog.More so i love her you tube channel where she does make up tutorials to styling tips which she  is really good at.Besides that i also love the quality of her photos...crystal clear!I hope some day i can achieve all that she does in her world of fashion and even more.


You can check out her blog to see more of her style and don't forget to check out her You tube channel too.
I would also love to know who your blogger style crush is..please comment below and i will check out their blog and also your blog too if you have one.Thanks for stopping by....and before i forget to mention my official site for the blog is now  www.thevonetteway.com am sure you can see that on the browser and yes am still part of the blogger family despite the change in the url.Have an awesome day my lovely readers.


Fashion Inspiration:Less talk more fashion

           I didn't get a chance to take an outfit post over the weekend,instead i thought i would share with you a few inspirational outfits and don't you just love them!!so stylish..don't you agree?

Have a lovely week beautiful people.