Outfit Post:What i wore

I took a short hiatus from blogging but am back now and it sure feels good.Am not a big fan of the cold & rainy weather because dressing up can become a bit of a problem more so when you have to layer up just to keep warm and if you have a really amazing outfit inside no one gets to see it.Its no option though when its cold you just have to keep warm regardless.Last week i took a few photos of what i wore and if you follow me on Instagram or if you are my friend on Facebook you probably have seen these photos.

I threw on a blue Jeans that i bought from Jamia Mall,a simple t shirt inside..nothing fancy and a white sweater which i think i bought it at Ngara Market and black ankle boots that i bought from Bata and animal print scarf i bought in Abu Dhabi sometime back.I wore this to the office on a Friday..i tend to wear jeans mostly on Fridays as its usually dress down Fridays at work.

Then on Saturday i wore Black tights and a loose chiffon top both of them  i bought from Mr Price,animal print scarf i bought it from Flo Essentials she really sells nice scarves you will be spoilt for choice,and the "sweater"i bought it from Toi Market,pink flat shoes i bought them from Market stalls.

As i mentioned yesterday on facebook i will be hosting a second giveaway on the blog am really excited about it,it wont have complicated instructions to follow,i promise it will be easy and fun.I will blog about the details on Thursday.It will run for a week.Other than that I was trying out my camera tripod stand over the weekend,i have had it since i bought the camera and i have never really used it to take photos i always prefer someone taking photos of me but now i just have to get used to it as i havent been keeping up with outfit posts because of a flimsy excuse that there is no one to take photos of me.Here are just a few photos i took over the weekend...and trust me its not as easy as it looks,am still trying to get a hang of it.

The pics are a bit blurry,apologies for that...Here i wore red pants that i have worn before here and a blue graphic vest top i bought it from Mr Price,the Neck Piece was a gift.

I wore a little bit of make up,i had on Black Opal True colour liquid foundation and Island Beauty Red Lipstick.
Thanks for stopping by and apologies for my blurry photos next time they will be better.See you on thursday when i will be launching the giveaway details.
Have a lovely day