3 year Blogoversary!!!

I can't believe its actually been three years since i started blogging.It's been a journey and half and there is no way i would let this month pass without me mentioning it because its quite an achievement for me.

I started blogging in February 2011,back then all i knew was that i loved fashion so i would like just type a few sentences and add so many photos to make up a blog post and since i was so shy i only mentioned to a few of my friends that i had a blog....funny thing is i never even wanted to show my face on the blog so in 2011 there was no outfit post maybe just one.
In 2012 i came out of my "cacoon"so to speak and i actually started posting outfits on the blog and i even went ahead and opened a fan page for my blog on facebook (feel free to like it).I never really wanted so many people to know that i blog i was so shy and i was afraid of being judged.One thing i also learn't about being a blogger is that there is no way you can escape attention especially if you are  a fashion blogger.

Sometimes people stare at me in the streets because they see my face on the blog and when they meet me in person they are like i have seen you somewhere you look familiar...i always smile and tell them about my blog.
Some of the challenges i have experienced in fashion blogging is taking photos...sometimes it can be quite tough getting a good location to take photos leave alone people staring at you and wondering if you are model or what the hell is going on...i have learn't to be brave enough and take pics without caring what people think of me whether they are staring i really don't care i just do my thing.

I have to say 2013 was the peak of my fashion blogging career as i got to do a lot.....like attending most fashion events and taking  pics to post on the blog.I Also got to partner with different companies which was  a plus for me. I was so happy when  i started earning through blogging,all i can say is hard work and consistency which ain't easy in the blogging world is what got me here.

Getting invited to events is always an honour and when i got invited to the absolute fashion event i was really happy this  shows how much my blog is getting recognition. I really had a good time at the event as i got to network with various people in the fashion industries like Annabel and Ann Mcreath among others.

Fashion blogging for the last 3 years has been such an amazing journey for me full of ups and downs the best part about it is that i keep on learning and growing more and more.Am hoping  for the best this year.

So far I have written 137 posts  and my blog page views is currently at 60,066 and my face book like page is currently at 1,711 and on blogger i have 39 followers.May seem little to someone else but to me this is an achievement i intend to work hard as fashion is my passion am thankful to all of you who always read my blog and comment all that means a lot to me.

Before i leave though,i want to update you on my hair journey like i promised on my last post.I went and had my hair braided...i really love this braids..soft dreads by angel they are really funky,you would think its a weave but its actually braids.

Have an amazing week!Thanks for checking out my blog



Hair Journey New Beginings:Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

For a while now i have been thinking about transitioning my hair to completely natural.Its going to be abit of a long journey for me to get there because am not for the idea of the BC(Big Chop) especially with my forehead i doubt if having a TWA(tiny winy Afro) will suit me..sigh!am even getting to know those abbreviations that are used by naturals on their blogs and forums :) well lets just say i have been doing thorough research on this.I don't want to start a hair journey then half way i give up,i want to be persistent to achieve the best results.

Different hairstyles i  had back in 2013
At the moment my hair is relaxed,i retouched towards the end of last month (January) and am planning to either braid my hair or weave it for like 4 weeks then i slowly begin to trim off the relaxed ends until my hair is completely natural.I will do this routine for the next like 6 months or less hope i will transition fully by then...my natural sisters can advise me here if that's possible.

I have borrowed a few pointers on transitioning from a South African Blog:African Hair Blog 

Here is the advice she gives on her blog that i do intend to follow on my hair journey
  • Care need to be taken when you have two hair textures i.e. natural hair as well as the relaxed ends.  The line of demarcation where the natural hair meets the relaxed ends is quite fragile.  This is why in some cases you do not cut your hair but over time you realise you have hardly any relaxed ends left.  It’s because they have broken off!
  • Be very gentle with the hair.  Detangle from the ends towards the roots to prevent unnecessary breakage.  Remember that the line of demarcation makes your hair very fragile.  Always detangle with a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet and slippery with conditioner.
  • Make sure your hair is adequately moisturised.  Deep condition the hair regularly, once a week if possible.  If you choose to braid or weave the hair while transitioning, remember that your hair will need moisture even with these styles.
  • Practice more protective styling to help reduce breakage.
  • Use as little heat as possible.  Try and resist the temptation to flat iron your hair to match the two textures.
  • You may find that you need to change your products and use products more suited to natural hair.  Many women find that natural based products work best for natural hair.  Also the focus becomes more on moisturising and softening the natural hair.
  • Once again moisture, moisture moisture!!  Natural hair needs moisture!
I will keep you posted all through this amazing hair journey from the products i will be using to the protective hairstyles i will be rocking from time to time.Incase you have any advise for me in regards to this feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for checking out my blog



Recap of the Fashion Focus group meeting organised by Ann McCreath

Yesterday i attended Fashion Focus group at Kiko Romeo Shop,Yaya Center organised by Ann McCreath.The main focus of the group is to discuss the state of fashion in Kenya.You see the thing is Fashion in Kenya isn't out there like the way it should be so the main focus of this group is to bring together like minded people who are into fashion from designers,stylists,fashion bloggers,make up artist...you name them...to come together and we get to discuss the way forward in this particular industry.

Ann came up with different topics that are relevant to the fashion industry and we divided ourselves into different groups to discuss the topics and later on we would present them to the rest of the group.
Lucky enough our group got to present first and our topic was on Structure & Finance where we looked at various categories in which one has to consider before setting up their Fashion Business for example Business Name Registration,Taxes,NHIF,NSSF Payments for your company and employees,company insurance the risks you have to consider before insuring your business,copyrighting your work,branding...e.t.c.On the Finance part of it we talked on the different loan facilities you can be able to access from the bank like Bank Loans,Bank Overdrafts among others.We discussed on the various aspects you have to consider before borrowing a loan from the bank like can your business afford to pay back the loan? again you must have a budget in place before you borrow money because you might end up spending the money on unnecessary things that you don't even need in the first place.

I really enjoyed the whole session as it was really educative as you get to learn so much that you thought you knew but in essence you knew nothing.I would highly encourage any one who is into the Business of Fashion to attend the next meeting which will be next week on Wednesday on the 19th from 7pm-9pm.Am already looking forward to it as i can't wait to learn from the other groups that will be doing their presentation on what they discussed yesterday.I believe if we all come together we can put Kenya out there on the global fashion map and at the end of the day its all about us supporting each other and more so learning from each other.It was also awesome seeing Annabel Onyango,Carol & Juelz,Bryan,Deejay shock,Nic O Junior of knit wear Models,Lillian of Kat Models...so many familiar faces that i only get to see on Facebook.Hope next time i will be able to take some photos.

Feel Free to join us for the next meeting.Thanks for stopping by!

Have an awesome week



Style Crush :Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita's style on the red carpet is one to be adored!From her hairstyle make up to her outfits all of them seem to pair up perfectly.The lady behind Lupita's looks is Stylist,Micaela Elanger.I have to give her props because she is really good at what she does,i love how Lupita rocks bold colours and simple silhouettes and if there is one thing that makes her stand out above everything else is her natural beauty for sure black is beauty there is no debate about that.

Its no wonder that she is in  countless  editorials and campaigns for major fashion brands like Mac Jacobs and Miu Miu.The Fashion industry sure does love her and 2014 is definately her year to shine.We Kenyans are definately proud of her and wish her major success in her acting career.

You can get more info about her stylist here and also her latest editorial with Vogue Italia you can check her out here she does look fierce and bold am in love with this particular editorial!

Pictures courtesy of getty images and google

Have an awesome day beautiful People



Outfit Post:Florals and Patterns

Its been a minute i know!Sure feels good to be back though.I decided to take a break from blogging for a while reasons being i didn't have someone to take photos to post on my blog and at some point i felt like actually giving up on fashion blogging you know when you haven't blogged for a while then you start asking yourself is it even worth it getting back to it and sometimes i felt like my best wasn't good enough for fashion blogging and all....but i picked myself up and decided am going to do this whether i have a photographer or not because i have a crazy passion for fashion!So not to worry am still going to be here.
While i was on leave in January i managed to take a few pics of what i wore...i know its rather late to post the photos now but all the same i will put them up because i promised to do so.

The floral top i wore here my sis bought it for me from Mutindwa Market for Kshs 50,One thing i love about my sis is that she has this amazing talent of picking fashionable clothes from Mutindwa Market and when she wears them you wont believe she bought them from there,whenever i want something from Mutindwa and i can't make it to go there i usually tell her to go buy for me because i know she won't dissappoint.I paired the floral top with graphic jeggings which i also bought from Mutindwa market some time back,the moment i saw them i fell in love instantly,they were kshs 200 such a bargain!The shoes i bought them at some shop near View Park Towers in town.

My accessories the ring is my sister's my mum actually bought it for her,would you believe she bought it from those shops at river road,i can,t remember how much it was but i know it wasn't expensive.Ladies,let me let you in on a little secret...you see if you want some really cool accessories from neck pieces,rings and bangles the best place to buy them is from those beauty shops at River road,there are some shops that have really unique stuff.
As for my hair,i decided to change my look a little bit n rock short hair...which i really like i think i look nice in this particular hair style.Don't get it twisted though i didn't cut my hair i retouched it then did a straw set at Tony Airo's salon...It kinda looks like natural hair because of the curls but it isn't.At the moment that's how am rocking my hair i like it so much for a moment i thought of going natural because its so much stress free.
With this sunny weather in Nairobi i would recommend this hairstyle for the ladies.

I have one request before i go please submit my blog for the Kenyan Blog Awards 2014 here under  Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog I would really love to participate in this particular contest just for the thrill of it...so go on nominate my blog i would be honored!Thanks in advance.

Have a lovely week y'all and thanks for stopping by!