Outfit Post: The Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with wearing a little black dress especially for a night out with the girls.It was a chilly night on this particular day so i decided to wear black stockings.
For this look i decided to go all black everything except for  the shoes and the handbag.I have worn this similar LBD here without stockings.

As for my accessories i broke the rules here i wore silver earrings and a gold neck piece and amazingly enough they blended in perfectly well!

I decided to pair up this whole look with both a purse and a handbag.You see when you going out with your friends you just need a purse with lipstick and powder in it to freshen up every now and then, carrying a hand bag would be ideal if maybe you are going to a friends house party,you can carry clothes to change the following day thats if you intend to sleep over.

To add a little bit of colour to my outfit i wore Blue Spiked heels which i worn before here.I bought this shoes at some shop at Jamia Mall,they are the type of shoes that clearly make a fashion statement,i love the silver spike details on them and the fact that they are 6 inches i don't get to wear them quite often as they are too high for me.

When it comes to putting on make up at night i prefer going all bright and loud.Here i decided to go for an orange eyeshadow from sleek eyeshadow palette,my favourite redlipstick from sleek is currently out of stock in most cosmetic shops in town so i opted for the purple sleek lipstick.On my face i used black Opal,beautiful bronze foundation and Suzie Beauty Loose Powder.For my eyelashes i used  M.A.C mascara.

Outfit Details
  • Little Black Dress-Jamia Mall
  • Black Boyfriend Jacket-Gifted
  • Black Stockings-some shop at bus station
  • Blue spiky Heels-Jamia Mall
  • Gold Neck Piece-Super Cosmetics
  • Silver Earings-Super Cosmetics
  • Neon Coloured Bangles-Mr.Price
  • Pink Ring-Afya Center 
Photography by George Mo

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Recap of the Fashion Focus Group Meeting at Kiko Romeo Shop,Yaya Center

Fashion Focus group meetings brings together individuals in the fashion industry & also fashion enthusiasts who want the fashion industry to grow in leaps and bounds.The discussions done at this meetings contribute to an action plan with time frames with people held responsible and accountable within the fashion industry.
Fashion Focus group meeting is held once a week on Wednesday evening from 7pm to 9pm at Kiko Romeo Yaya Center 1st floor.Anyone who is passionate about the fashion industry is welcome to join us.

The topic of discussion during this weeks meeting was on  Production.
A Strength,Weakness Opportunity,Threat(SWOT) analysis on Production was done and some of the points that were  discussed included:-
  • In house Production-which is  a strength and also a weakness.As a strength because in, in house production with your own sewing machine you make the outfit exactly as you would like it to be & as a weakness In house production in factories,sometimes the end product is not  the same as the sample given to them by the designers.
  • Art&Crafts produced in kenya are  unique selling point in the world market
  • Jua Kali sector is a strength in production because of the use of recycling materials used in production.
  • Piece Workers-they save designers time because alot of pieces can be done within  a short period of time.
  • Jewellery Production some local  jewellery designers produce good quality jewellery e.g Kazuri Beads
  • Technical skills from fashion students are half baked as their curriculum programme is not driven by what the industry requires.
  • Timely delivery-no matter how good you are if you can't deliver on time its pointless
  • Ethical Fashion-The Government makes it hard for kenyan designers to venture into ethical fashion but for foreigners they make it easy for them to venture into ethical fashion.Ethical Fashion projects should be audited.

  • Highly Skilled labour within and outside our country can be used in production
  • Kenya is recognised as an ethical fashion hub as international designers i.e Vivienne Westwood come to kenya to get certain products for their collections.
  • Ethical Fashion 
  • I.T Sector-they can come up with technology that can be used in production houses
  • Lack of technology
  • Mtumba Clothes
  • Cheap Imports from China
  • Chain stores e.g Mr Price,Woolworths
  • Lack of raw Materials for production
  • Ethical Fashion
 These are just among the many points that were  discussed during the meet up,as you can see its really insightful and very educative.Next week we'll be finishing up on the same topic and i will make a point on sharing the same with you all on the blog.If fashion is your forte  make a point of joining us on the next meeting.

Feel free to leave your comments/questions on what you think about the fashion focus group meeting and  i will be glad to help you.

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Outfit Post:Turtle neck sweater & Distressed Denim jeans

So i finally got an awesome photographer George Mo to work with on the blog and am beyond happy because so far am loving his work.Thats the news i have been longing to tell you guys,i reached a point on my blogging journey where i realised i can't be a jack of all trades like taking photos,editing them,posing and also posting on the blog thats was way too much for me,with George there for the photography part i can concentrate on fashion,fashion n more fashion.
 On Saturday the weather wasn't so good in the morning when i was leaving the house it was cold and a bit rainy so i wore a red turtle neck sweater, denim distressed jeans and colour blocked wedges.

I avoided putting on a jacket by all means because the weather in Nairobi can change anytime and i was lucky because by the time i was having the photos taken it was warming up and yes i wasn't feeling comfy in that turtle neck sweater anymore as it was getting hot.

Lately i have this crazy obsession with scarves i heart them,the beauty of scarves is that you can wear them anytime regardless of the weather and it also be used as an accessory to any outfit!

You can never go wrong with an african beaded bangle as an accessory,i bought this arm candy from a friend sometime last year she was showcasing her accessories at the creatives garage exhibition and the moment i saw it i fell in love.

The checkered brown sling bag i bought it at some random shop at the bus station area in town i think it was kshs 250 i heart it because its durable and  i have had it for like 2 years yet its still in perfect condition.

Am not a fan of those big hoop earings and besides i think the shape of my face is not suitable for big earings i tend to prefer medium hoop ones,this particular ones i have on, i bought them at Super cosmetics shop along queens way,they are gold in colour with a hint of grey.

 Outfit Details
Distressed Denim Jeans-Jamia Mall
Red Turtle Neck-Gikomba market
Colourblocked wedges-Backyard shoes
Brown Sling bag-Random shop at Bus station
Beaded bangle-bought it from a friend
Blue Scarf-Flo Essentials

Photos courtesy of George Mo Photography

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Travel Musings:Kilifi & Diani Memoirs

Early this month,i decided to pack my bags and go on vacation as i badly needed a break from everything in my life.I settled for Kilifi town at kilifi back packers Distant relatives.I have been to Mombasa a couple of times but i had never been to Kilifi town.
I had such a great time there more than i had anticipated because i had gone there alone and i didn't think i would meet amazing people there,i met a couple of friends at the place where i was staying and we became really good friends that on the day i was to travel back to Nairobi i went with them to Diani South coast backpackers for a pool party!which was so much fun!

Before going to Diani back at kilifi i tried out snorkeling for the first time it was quiet a thrill for me,to be honest i know am a good swimmer but i fear swimming in the ocean but that day i overcame it but i had a floater though just incase.The experience was unforgetable i saw different types of fish you know those colorful ones you see on national geographic...the whole experience was so much fun.That rock am standing on is in the middle of the ocean and there were lots of fish hidding there.

I really don't have much to say about my travel but i really had a good time,i just needed to getaway for a week and just relax.The best place to stay in while at Kilifi is definately Distant relatives eco lodge accomodation is cheap and the best part is they have a communal kitchen where you can cook for yourself!So you don't get to spend so much on food!

I will get back to my normal blog posting from next week and i have good news i will tell you all about it next week!

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