Event:Winners of the exclusive tickets to an invite-only fashion Party!!!!!

Yesssss,ladies and Gentlemen we have winners!!drum roll please....hahaha am so excited about these event and more so because of the awesome  people who took part in this giveaway.Let me get straight to it without wasting your time:-



Julianne Obonyo

You are the winners!!Congratulations...looking forward to seeing you at the Bowtie Fashion Night Event!I will get in touch with all of you personally on how you can collect your tickets from me !To everyone who participated,thank you and not to worry as there are still plenty of giveaways to come.

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Style Challenge with Kendra Thornton

Planning a vacation out of town can be quite hectic especially if you have no idea on what to pack for that particular trip.I believe the first thing that will help you narrow down on the outfits to pack is the location of where you are planning to go,from there you can easily pack your outfits according to the weather and the activities in which you plan to be involved in while you are there.

When Kendra Thornton approached me to give her advice on what she should pack for her Miami trip,I was more than delighted and ready to help her out,so i immediately accepted the challenge.
Kendra Thornton appears as a travel expert on television stations across the country to offer travel tips and deals to millions of people every year. She makes regular appearances on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW stations in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. She has also made special guest appearances on Fox News, The Nate Show, Fine Living Network and The Tyra Banks Show.

The style challenge is about what to wear for a romantic getaway with her Husband in Miami,she already has booked her accomodation at Hotel Beaux Arts Miami,with the help of Gogobot  she reviewed the different hotels in Miami which  made it easier for her to select and book her accommodation there.

she is looking forward to enjoying  the cuisine at db Bistro moderne,which features the creations of New York Chef of the year Daniel Boulud.She is also looking forward to enjoying Yoga & Sauna at the hotel.She also wants style recommendation on what to wear while going on shopping,spending time with her husband and also soaking up in the sun.

With that information in mind all i could think of is the sun,sand,beach and amazing weather.I put together outfits that are light and comfortable to wear more of summer outfits.Here is what i put together for this particular Style challenge.

Event:Win exclusive tickets to an invite-only fashion party

The Bowtie Events will be hosting an exclusive fashion party on the 2nd of May at the III Bars Lounge.Its going to be an elegant and glamorous event.The main aim of the event is to Launch "The Bowtie Fashion Tour 2014" also  a social enterprise that will provide sewing machines to deserving women in rural areas, to learn tailoring and designing.
 After the launch The Bowtie Events  will be having a Photo shoot Auditions on the 24th of May where Kenya's top designers Nick Ondu and Shenu Hooda will dress the selected models.

Internationally known fashion photographer, Radoslaw (Radek) Janicki Phd who boasts of 25 years of professional photography will capture the moments at Fourteen Falls for those who make it through past the auditions.

So for a chance to win tickets to this exclusive Invites Only Fashion event,simply leave a comment below and your facebook Name or twitter Handle.I have THREE TICKETS to giveaway!

The giveaway ends on Wednesday 30th April!All the best!

Photos courtesy of  The Bowtie Events

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Sunshine Award & 10 Random Facts about me

Miss Maureen Bandari awarded me the Sunshine award,how cool is that i was so happy!All the same this award comes with a price,i have to tell you 10 random facts about me,hmmmm i will try my best to make this interesting.Lets get straight into it,shall we..

1.I love to travel alot i used to hate it before because of being in unfamiliar places but now i enjoy travelling alot so much that i surprised myself when i went to Kilifi alone for a week,i had so much fun than i anticipated.
2.Am addicted to fashion magazines,i have a pile of fashion magazines in my house i like being up to date with the current trends around the world.
3.I love music especially rock,soft rock ,Nigerian music,a little bit of kwaito,r'n'b
4.I can dance to save my life for sure i used to be in a dance group in church some years back
5.I love my pet Damian so much he annoys me sometimes ,sometimesi feel like i want to give him away but i find  it very hard to let go of him because am too attached to him.I have had him for more than 1 year,i guess maybe thats why.
6.I enjoy going out  & having drinks with my friends and family
7.I enjoy watching rugby more than football
8.If am pissed or happy no matter how hard i try to hide my emotions they always show on my face...lol so you can imagine the faces i make when am pissed..hehehe
9.I love photography with all of my heart i enjoy taking pictures so much
10.I have been in a swimming competition before and i became number 3...i was so happy i couldn't believe it.

Ten Bloggers i would like to nominate

1.Tiny Micia
2.Lucia Musau
4.Gabrielle Mwangi
5.Sienna Barley
6.Kawiria Mercy
7.Winny James 
8.Miss Vavum
9.In Kare's world
10.Wanjiru's style

They are among my favourite Kenyan Bloggers,do check them out!

Enjoy Your Weekend beautiful people



Giveaway: Fashion Photo Shoot Winner

The giveaway is officially closed and am more than grateful  to everyone who participated in one way or the other.The best thing about this giveaway is that everyone gets a chance to win something,because there was a prize for the 1st and 2nd runners up.
The winner for the free fashion photo shoot is....Gracey Chichi Chilande!! she had a total of 104 likes!

The 1st runners up is Penlope Diaz she had a total of 63 likes!

The second runners up winner is Patty Gitau he had a total of  28 likes.

Am really thankful to all of you who took part in the giveaway!!I will get in touch with all of the contestants and let you know how you can claim your prizes.

Have an awesome weekend beautiful people!



Giveaway:Free Fashion Photoshoot

Hey Lovelies,

As promised on ,here are the details of the giveaway.Its a free fashion shoot for an hour courtesy of  George Mo Photography and styling by yours truly!
The rules are pretty simple:
  1. Upload one fashionable photo of you on my blog's facebook page The Vonette Way
  2. Get your friends to like your photo
  3. The photo with the most likes gets to be the winner!
I will also award the 1st Runners up with a goody bag from the vonette way and a 20% discount for a photography shoot  with George Mo Photography and the 2nd runners up gets a goody bag.

The giveaway will run for 10 days.

I wish you all the best,Incase of any questions just leave it on the comment box and i will get back to you asap!



Outfit Post:Colour Block yellow chiffon top and Blue capri pants

Hope y'all had an awesome weekend like i did.I had this photos of what i wore taken a while back and the theme around it was on colour block!with yellow,blue and red as you can see.This is a pretty laid back outfit,can be worn to work on dress down fridays though i wouldn't recommend it as the ideal outfit to be worn to a business meeting.

This top i wore can be worn to the office on a normal work day paired with black official pants and also on weekends more so because of the bright colour it can paired with some nice pants.

I love this Capri Pants they are so comfortable.At first when i tried them on  i didnt like them because i wasn't  used to wearing pants that don't go all the way down but my friend convinced me that i look good in them and ever since then,i have been in love with them cant wait to get another pair in a different colour.

I paired up my outfit with these red heels,they add colour to any outfit,these shoes are very comfy and they can be worn to work and also during the weekends.Blue and red blend in together quite well so you can never go wrong with colour blocking the two colours.Sometime back i did a post on colour blocking tips you can check it out,there is a colour wheel that clearly shows how to blend in different colours on the colour wheel.If you are new  to colour blocking, the colour wheel will give you an idea on how to go about it.

 As for make up,i applied black opal liquid foundation and suzie beauty loose powder.To be honest i felt like i had too much make up on although it doesnt look like so on the photos...i decided to just stick to black opal liquid foundation and to be using suzie beauty loose powder when am freshening up my make up  ...applying them both at the same time didn't go well for me.

I decided to keep it simple with the accessories i had on a statement ring and a pair of  pearl bangles.

I will be announcing a giveaway on my next post...am so excited about it...besides its been a long time since i rewarded my readers!so look out for my next post.I leave you with some fun photos courtesy of  George Mo photography

Outfit Details
  • Chiffon Top - Gikomba market
  • Capri Pants - Market stalls
  • Red heels - Bus Station
  • Ring -Mr Price
  • Pearl bangles -Gifted
Photos By George Mo Photography

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