Outfit Post:Skirting the issue

Happy Tuesday!!
Yesterday I was working on this post and started feeling drowsy because of the meds I had taken for this nasty flu I have.The thing is I haven't been going out for a long time now like the way I used to,clearly am getting old huh? so over the weekend I went ham..I went out 2 nights in a row Friday & Saturday Night and we sat outside the club on both nights and it was so cold .Let's just say am paying for it right now am sure that's how I caught this nasty flu.Today its not as bad as it was yesterday.

Hope you enjoying your week so far .

Outfit Details:

Pink chiffon top Mr Price

Flounce skirt Vonette Boutique

Nude Heels thrifted

Spiky detailed Neck piece Vonette Boutique

Sunnies Vonette Boutique

Photo Credits : Steve Inc Photography


Outfit Post : All white

Happy Thursday Beautiful People!

You already saw this outfit on the second bloggers challenge post.I went for the midi top and skirt.Am so obsessed with the midi's now! I own two of this outfits one in African print and now this all white,between the two my favourite is this white one!For this look I decided to pair the outfit with black suede heels that I bought from Bata and for the accessories I went for the chunky silver statement Neckpiece that's available at my shop Vonette Boutique together with silver earings.Here are more photos of this outfit,would love to hear from you so please leave your comments down there telling me what you think about my monochrome look.

Have a lovely day beautiful people.Don't forget to comment comment comment.

Outfit Details
Midi Top - Vonette Boutique

Midi Skirt - Vonette Boutique

Black suede heels- Bata Kenya

Silver Chunky Neck-piece & Earrings - Vonette Boutique

Photography By - Steve Inc


Introducing My shop Vonette Boutique

I have been eagerly waiting to share the news with you lovelies for the longest!I couldn't really talk much about it as I was busy trying to set up my shop and stock it with a few stuff and finally now am ready to make the big announcement!Yes my shop is now ready!Its basically a boutique full of fashionable trendy outfits,accessories,shoes,handbags you name it all things gorgeous!Like I mentioned earlier on this Post most of the outfits are custom made and a few pieces are ready to wear so at the moment you will need to pre order the outfits but in a few weeks I will have ready to wear outfits designed by yours truly Vonette!
The shop is located at Imenti House Along Tom Mboya Street,on First Floor Shop No 43:Vonette 
Boutique.Feel Free to pass by and shop!shop!In the meantime do check out our facebook page Vonette Boutique and you will catch a glimpse of whats at the shop and how much they are going for and feel free to get in touch with me incase you need anything or if you have any question on 0723049908.Here are a few stuff you will get to see and buy when you pass by our shop.



 African Print Clutch Bags

This are just a few of the stuff that are at the shop,feel free to pass by and you can also call me to place your orders on any of the stuff that you like.See you at Vonette Boutique!

Kenya Fashion Bloggers challenge 2 : Monochrome

Hello there!
Hope y'all doing good.The  second bloggers challenge this time round was the Monochrome look.It wasn't easy for me as I thought it would have because coming up with one coloured outfit from head to toe was quite a challenge.I pulled it quite well with the outfits but as for the shoes that would blend in with this particular outfit well lets just say I didn't get proper white shoes to bring out the monochrome look so instead I wore this black pumps that I bought from Bata.I really love this heels they are so comfy and stylish.Lets get straight into it and see how my fellow fashion bloggers put together their outfits for this challenge.
I went for an all white midriff top and skirt  because its a look I had never tried out before,I must say I loved the out come.I definitely  nailed it,huh!

Yours truly
Anita Gaitho - Style Sketches
Ms Kibati - Ms Kibati
Gabrielle Mwangi -  Tribe of Chic
Michelle - Michelle

Maureen - Funshion Mistress

Mumbi Shokey - Mumbi shokey

Nelly - Nairobi Fashion Geek

Silvia Njoki - Silvia Njoki

Winnie - Winnie the Fashionista

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think about Kenya Fashion bloggers monochrome challenge.

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Ambition is priceless?well i don't think so

 "For we pay a price for everything we get or take in this world,and although ambitions are well worth having,they are not to be won cheaply."

That's one of my favourite quotes I love it because it affirms that nothing good comes easy and there is nothing for free in this world you have got to pay for it chances are by working  hard for it.I started Vonette Boutique in 2012 and back then all I had in mind was that I was passionate about fashion and I wanted to share that by making and selling trendy outfits.Well, my boutique did well more than I expected and I got too overwhelmed because I lacked proper planning for my business.I assumed I would have it easy but that was not the case and an year later I let it go because of being overwhelmed too much and also my 9 to 5 job demanded too much of my time.

Fast forward to 2014 I learnt from my mistakes and now more than ever am ready to re open Vonette Boutique,this time round it will be bigger and better.I will be selling both online and from the shop too,where clients can come and fit the outfits and also buy ready to wear outfits designed and tailor made to cater for  different sizes from small to medium to large.On my next post I will officially launch the shop and let you know on where you can find it.

I believe if you are passionate about something be it starting a business,travel,fashion you name it..you have to first believe in yourself and have faith that it can be done and above everything plan well for it because if you fail to plan you plan to fail and my story here is a perfect example of that.I leave you with one of my favourite quotes on ambition.

                 "Unless it's crazy,ambitious and delusional it's not worth our time."

Outfit Details  
  • African print summer dress - Vonette Boutique (Launching soon)
  • Sunglasses - Vonette Boutique (Launching soon)
  • Pink Clutch Bag & Matching Bangles - Vonette Boutique(Launching soon)
  •  Shoes - Bata

Photos Courtesy of Steve Inc Photography

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