2015 In review. Happy 2016!

So it's a wrap huh! 2015 is over and done with in a few hours!What can I say,It's been the best year of my life I've learn't to appreciate the good days as much as the bad days. Earlier in 2015 I went into a state of depression,things were just not working out for me and accepting that was really had for me,but with time I over came it and out of that I became a better person.

One of my  highs has got to be the time KTN E curve featured me on their show ,words can't explain how humbled I felt! then later on numerous features on magazines like X news,Karen Magazine,people daily among others.Also working with amazing Kenyan designers was a big deal for me.

I've lost friends that I knew would be here with me until the end,as much as I was in denial of that,I've learnt to accept that it's ok and not everyone belongs in my path.

I've found love too,the most amazing man is part of my life and I honestly couldn't ask for more. Am more than grateful to have him in my life!

Photographers have been my greatest disappointment! Being a blogger is hard enough let alone having a good photographer! I hope in 2016 things will be better.

Much love



Blue dress

Happy Monday! I trust you had a merry Christmas like I did . Am looking forward to the new year,2015 has been a good year and I believe 2016 will be better. What are your plans for the new year celebrations? Attending a party perhaps ? If so then this dress I'm wearing is perfect ,It's sassy and sexy. It's a loose fit and incase you want to move to the beat you can easily.

Outfit Details

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Happy Holidays



Laced up!

"Be soft,don't let the world make you hard.Don't let the pain make you hate . Don't let bitterness steal your sweetness"  -Lian Thomas

Am currently in love with dresses this season.The instant I saw this lace dress I fell in love. It's the type of dress you can wear to the office party,to a wedding or even on a night out or when having lunch with the girls. Whats more its black and you can pair it up with any colour of shoe and accessories too.

I decided to go minimal with this look. The good thing about styling black dresses is that you can play around with it by styling it in different ways.You can wear flat shoes and still look stylish.Nude heels are a must have in every woman's closet,you can check out how I  paired my nude heels here and here .

P.S Feel Free to pass by Vonette Boutique we currently have new stock from dresses to high waist jeans. Different sizes,different designs and affordable!

Dress from Vonette Boutique

Nude Heels - Jumia Kenya

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Happy Holidays!


Little black dress

Happy Friday!

I feel so bad that I haven't been so consistent with my posts this year. It's been an interesting year for me. I left employment a year ago and honestly life has never been the same for me,I've been working hard on my business( Vonette Boutique) and at the same time living my life.

First of all let me just give a piece of advice to any one intending to get into business ,it's not easy at all you need to have a thick skin to survive .It's tough no matter how big or small your business is I've learnt that it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

Apart from my business driving me crazy I fell in love with someone very special whom in due time you will all get to find out. I've been on a couple of dates this year, I  put myself out there to meet new people in the hope of finding love and am glad that worked out  well. Mr. boyfriend (that's his name for now) is an amazing guy I honestly couldn't ask for more.

On the blogging front,am working on a couple of things here and there. In 2016 my blog will be my top most priority I honestly want to give it my best. I won't say so much for now but rest assured that you will love the changes that are coming soon.

Outfit details

Little Black dress - Lipsy London Michelle Keegan dress

Just fab Heels - Vonette Boutique

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Travel Diaries: Dubai

I was in Dubai last month October and  it was a very good experience not that I haven't been to the UAE before,this was actually my second visit the first time was in 2013 and I was in Abu Dhabi for a week.

Now our trip to Dubai was quite abrupt and I had to get my travel documents i.e my  visa within a couple of days, at some point I was giving up as I thought the process would be long but thanks to  Emirates Airline  their visa process was fast  and 100% efficient . I was really impressed.

I flew to Dubai of course through Emirates Airline and my trip to and from Dubai was nothing short of amazing, the service from the Cabin crew team was really good.

We stayed at Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah a five star hotel that is located quite close to the beach and this 5 star hotel offers superb accommodation for business and leisure travellers.

The Lobby is beautiful,I loved the décor.

The rooms are quite spacious and our room had a beautiful view, we could actually see the beach from our room.

The pool was our chill spot, they do have a bar right inside the pool, how amazing is that!

Apart from enjoying ourselves at the hotel, there are a few places we went to like at the Cheese Cake Factory. They have amazing non alcoholic cocktails.  Their interior décor is amazing too.  Definitely one of the places you have to stop by for lunch if you in Dubai.

We also had dinner at House of curry and had delicious spicy Indian curries.

My overall experience was amazing I would definitely recommend Sofitel Jumeirah hotel,they have good service and the hotel is fantastic! We loved  the weather it was just perfect during our stay and I can confidently say October is  a nice month to be in Dubai . On a scale of 1 to 10 I can say my Dubai experience was an 11 out of 10. We really enjoyed our stay. More photos on my Instagram page @ vonettevon .

Thank you for stopping by and normal posting on the blog will resume next week.

Photo Credits : Google



Outfit Post : Floral Power

It's Friday and it's 2nd day of the new month,this day couldn't get any better!with just less than 100 days to the end of the year,91 days to be precise have you achieved the goals that you set out to achieve at the beginning of the year or better yet have you achieved more than you expected?Those are just among the thoughts that are currently lingering on my mind,am working hard to achieve the goals that I set out for myself that am yet to achieve.

Today I will give you a few hint's on how to style that beautiful floral outfit you have in your wardrobe but keep on pushing it aside every time because you are not sure on how to wear it.One thing about any floral outfit is that its already busy as it is so no need to over accessories because if you do,you will end up looking like a hot mess.Keep it minimal with accessories because the floral outfit on it's own is already standing out.As you can see I did exactly that with my floral outfit,I simply accesorized it with the cat eyed sun glasses,pink earrings and blue heel sandals.

Over the weekend I attended CBA's Concur d'elegance event.I was among the chosen few for the best dressed,please vote for me to win the overall best dressed person by liking my photo here on CBA's Facebook Page .I will really appreciate.

Outfit Details

  • Blue heel sandals - Random exhibition in town
  • Photography by Dakroom

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Outfit Post : High Low brights

Happy Thursday everyone!
Am currently enjoying the sunny weather in Nairobi,the weather forecasters predict that there is going to be an el Nino next month,that really freaks me out!I pray it doesn't happen.
As for now am enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.Today's outfit am wearing a high low orange top and black tights,what I love about the high low top is that its fabric is light just a perfect throw on for a  sunny day and pairing them up with tights is just a perfect fit.

Outfit Post : Colour me beautiful

"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference"

I took quite a long hiatus from the blog but now am back! fresh and ready to keep you glued to my blog. Well,I was busy travelling within the country for the better part of August.If you follow me on Instagram @vonettevon you are quite aware that I was at my grandma's in south Nyanza for a few days then later I flew to Kisumu for a week where I was working on an assignment that's not close to fashion at all.Then early this month I was in Kampala for a few days.Am happy to be back,am well settled now.Expect to see more of Vonette from now henceforth .Before I forget I would like to make a special shout out to Ingrid and Euphremiah who I bumped into while in Kisumu  and t said how much they love my blog!It really warms my heart when I get such compliments,of course to you who is reading my blog too,am grateful to have you here.The Facebook comments,the Instagram mentions,likes and follows am really thankful to you all who support me that's what keeps me going.

In my previous post here I talked about styling high waisted jeans.Please click on that link to get more details on how you can switch up your style with this trendy pants.I love how fashion forward they are.

Random Musings Monday

You have to learn to persevere when others wouldn't .To try one more time when others quit.To love a little harder when others lost faith.Happiness doesn't chase you,it's something you pursue.Joy is what you choose to find inside you,it's what let's you know that regardless of what's happening you still have you.You'll either work harder or stress more depending on whether or not you feel you're enough for you.Everybody isn't built to handle what you can.Some people will tell you to play it safe,out of their own fear.Decide what's for you,grind it and stay committed while it's yours.


If you follow me on Instagram  you already  know how much I love RobHill Sr's words.This guy speaks to my soul!I have enough of his quotes screen shot on my phone.I like reading them whenever am looking for inspiration.Anyway this particular quote got me thinking about my life.

I come from a  humble background my mum is a primary school teacher and my dad used to work for the Government as a physical Planner,he's retired now.Growing up, me and my sis never quite got everything we wanted.Along the way things got quite difficult for us ,like I had to leave college after a year to look for a job and save up for my fees to go back , all because my dad decided to retire early,something I have never quite understood up to date.So anyway I got a job and trust me I hated going to work everyday while my friends were attending classes and enjoying campus life.I remember going to the wash rooms sometimes and just crying my heart out over lunch time.I mean I was 19 years and already facing work pressure from my boss I never liked that at all,so after 6 months my contract ended and I decided am not going to renew it,am going to stay at home and do nothing.

So I stayed home for two months doing nothing and that's when it hit me,what the hell am I doing with my life,what's this direction am taking.It hit me that It was my life I was living and staying at home watching movies,eating and sleeping won't get me any where.It was up to me to get off my lazy ass and look for a job or continuing staying at home and stressing over my current situation I tell you it took me a while to forgive my father for making me miss out on school.

I finally got a job a few month's later as a Sales Agent in a micro finance company and oh boy!selling loans was one tough cookie!A story for another day,sigh!I vowed to work harder when I got the job and a few month's later I got promoted to a loans officer and finally enrolled back to school to continue with my studies.One thing I have come to learn is that at the end of the day it's all about You,your life,not your parent's not your friends.It's up to you to change the situation you currently going through in life especially if you going through hard times,you can't lock yourself up and stress about it and hope that the stressful situation will go away magically,you have to take matters into your own hands and make things better,work harder like Rob says Happiness doesn't chase you,it's something you pursue.Most importantly your past never determines your future!

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Details on this particular outfit as blogged here



The Bridal Affair

So he has popped the big question,you excited you just got engaged!You call your family and friends to share the good news.Everyone is excited but now the big challenge is planning the wedding from choosing the venue,the invites then the biggest headache is usually what wedding dress will you wear on the big day!and what about the  bridesmaids?the colour ?the dress design??

Not to worry Aisle Style Uk  has got you covered on this.They are a gown line located in the UK that offers a diverse compilation of elegantly international crafted designer wedding dresses that range from glamorous,drapped Angel Satin to alluring laces and satin chiffon.Combining a superb fit with couture finishing,Aisle style brings an attention to detail that sets their wedding dresses apart from those of designer labels and makes your wedding truly memorable.

I know you may be thinking since they are located in the UK getting your wedding gown will be  a hustle,well let me give you the good news!Kenya is one of the African countries they ship to and they have different shipping methods,normal delivery takes 15 - 25 days,urgent takes 10 - 15 days and super takes 7 - 10 days,they ship via all major mail carriers including UPS,EMS,FedEx,TNT and DHL. You can always track your order through their website  just to know how far along your package is.

Here is a preview of the wedding dresses.Remember you can make your order online here .They have a super sale on the brides maids dresses where you can save 15% on 4 + same brides maids dresses.Hurry and make your purchases as soon as possible as the offer is valid until August 2015.

Wedding Dresses

Satin Wedding Dress

Simple A- line Sweetheart wedding dress

Sexy Trumpet/Mermaid Weddings

Brides Maids Dresses

V - Neck A- line Sleeveless Brides Maids Dresses

A- Line Brides Maids Dress

Strapless Satin Sleeveless knee length brides maids dress

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Random Musings Monday

        "Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren't. Everybody has their own strength and weaknesses and its only when you accept everything you are and aren't that you will truly succeed". - Anonymous

Sometime back I was chatting with a friend on Facebook and she was telling me how she admires my life because of  how I have it all together,a good job and a fancy lifestyle and she wished she had my life because at the moment she wasn't happy in her current situation .I smiled and thought to myself I wish you knew the struggles I go through in my day to day life.

Nowadays people use social media to advertise their happier side of  life so to speak and many are times we fall victims of what we see and wish  we had that beautiful house ,those stunning pair of heels,that  beautiful dress..e.t.c forgetting to appreciate what we have.Sometime last week there was this news article circulating on Face Book about 50 cent,where he was saying that the fancy cars and bling bling we see in his music videos he usually returns them back after the videos have been shot,they are not his they are just for show.You see its never that serious the way you might think.

So if you have been comparing yourself to other people you need to stop and look within you because you have the same potential as that person you comparing yourself to.All you have to do is figure out what it is you not doing right,figure out your strength and weaknesses and from there you are in a position to make your life better in your own kind of way.Never forget to be grateful for what you have because someone somewhere is wishing they had exactly that.

Have a beautiful Week ahead!

Outfit details and more pics  here

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Mint Green soft jeans

Happy hump day beautiful people!

Hope you enjoying your week so far.I know I missed out on posting random musings Monday not to worry next week for sure the post will be there.

If there is one particular look that sometimes can be a challenge when styling is a pastel outfit.So for this particular outfit I blended in two pastel colours mint green  and a pastel pink ,for the shoes one thing is for sure you can never go wrong with nude heels.The nude colour  effortlessly blends in with all colours as it is a neutral shade.To add a little 'spice' to my pastel look I threw on a printed Kimono.

Outfit Details

Mint green soft jeans - Serinda Fashions

Pastel Pink Top - Serinda Fashions

Print Blue Kimono - Serinda Fashions

Nude Heels - Jumia Kenya

Accessories - vonette Boutique

Photography - 9th Wonder (steve)

Enjoy the rest of your week my darlings!

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Random Musings Monday

Happy Monday beautiful people!

Random musings Monday will from now on be a regular feature on the blog. Basically it is about  random happenings  in my life and the lessons I have learnt.

Years back when I started blogging I was full of energy and so happy to have discovered the other side of the world where fashion existed.I remember discovering new styles and trying out different fashion trends.It took me like a year before I started sharing my outfit posts.I remember I would make my friends take photos of what am wearing and I would instantly share them on my blog .I have to admit it took quite some courage for me to share my passion for fashion with the world because back then I wasn't sure about my style and I worried so much that people would judge me harshly.

At some point in 2012 I almost gave up.I felt like maybe I was trying too much because at around that time other Kenyan fashion bloggers were gaining so much recognition and I would compare myself to them and felt I wasn't worthy being a fashion blogger.

But then again I had a few people who believed in me like some of my friends,my ex boyfriend, they kept on encouraging me and I prayed to God to show me the vision for my blog. In 2013 I finally took my blog seriously and brands started approaching me and that really felt good,before I knew it my blog was finally sustaining itself in one way or the other.I started being invited to events,getting features on different publications from magazines to newspapers.Photographers also wanted to work with me and my passion for fashion grew so much that now I run my own boutique.

My advice to anyone out there struggling with their dreams and ambitions is  NEVER give up!Your success is around the corner.Keep on doing what you love,don't do it for money or fame,do it for the love  and everything else will fall  to place.I may not be where I want to be right now but am grateful for where I am and the lessons learnt along the way.

Outfit Details here

Have a lovely  week



Maxi Fever

I instantly fell in love with this maxi two piece set the moment I saw it.If you have been following my style religiously you know I am a sucker for bright colours,so there was no way I was leaving this yellow maxi set behind.
What I love about it is that it can be worn as a dress, simply by pulling up the skirt way above the belly button or rather the midi section so that it meets up with the crop top covering the midriff area.

Its a perfect outfit for  summer you can pair it up with a sun hat and sandals and you good to go!

Outfit Details

Maxi two piece set - Vonette Boutique

Turquoise statement neck piece - Vonette Boutique

Photography - Steve Nelson (9th Wonder)

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Much love


Random Musings Monday

"Truth is everyone is going to hurt you,you just got to find the ones worth suffering for" - Bob Marley

I came across this famous Bob Marley quote on the internet,you know I love quotes that speak to me and this quote got me thinking...how  we give so much of ourselves to people we love especially if you in a relationship with that special someone.Well let me tell you my story

A couple of months back I was dating this guy that I honestly liked so much.He swept me off my feet the first few months  and I was quite impressed.A few months into the relationship we started having fights,you know..the normal fights couples have and I thought we would get past it just like the other fights we had and besides it wasn't such a big deal, I thought.
 Suddenly "the boyfriend" stopped returning my calls texting me back,keep in mind this is someone who did call me/text me every hour of the day.I was really hurt and I couldn't comprehend what was going on.There is nothing as bad as when someone doesn't respond to your text messages for days that end up turning into weeks.

When he finally came around we talked about our issues and I tried to understand him but I felt like he showed me a side to him that really shocked me because I thought  if roles were to be reversed I wouldn't mistreat him the way he did .You see I love me and I always put myself first ,when someone hurts me I really try to understand them and where they are coming from and vice versa.Anyway we eventually broke up as it just wasn't working out between us and I experienced so much hurt in the short time we were dating and that's when it hit me that everyone is going to hurt you at some point in life we just have to find the ones who are worth it,you know...those who hurt you but still make you a better person out of it all.

Are the people around you worth suffering for?

Have a productive week

Photography - Kevin Buo Art

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Fashion tip Friday : How to style high waisted Pants/Jeans

Lately I have been in love with high waisted pants.I love the way they accentuate the hips,they make you look curvy as they add attention to the high waist.Lately,I have come across girls who love high waisted jeans/pants but when it comes to styling they get confused.Not to worry any more as I will share a few tips on how you can style them.

  1. Crop Tops
If you not afraid to flaunt your midriff then this look is perfect for you.Pairing a crop top,high waisted pants and heels is the perfect fashionista look.If you want to make a fashion statement then this is the look I would suggest you go for when wearing high waist pants.Its  a perfect day or night look.

2. Crop top Sweaters

With Nairobi "winter" upon us,throwing on a crop sweater when its cold with this pants is also a good look.


Kimonos are back in fashion and pairing them up with skinny pants is  a plus.Here I wore my wet look high waisted pants with a crop top and to add a little spice to the whole look I put on my animal print chiffon Kimono.Also this is a perfect day and night look.

4. Plaid Shirts/Tops

Plaid shirts are now back in fashion,a timeless staple piece that's for sure.Pairing them up with high waist jeans is definitely a killer look.I love how Jessica Alba paired her high waisted pants with her sleeveless plaid t shirt and you've got to love the animal print purse she is carrying,very stylish.


Another wardrobe staple piece that you should have.You can never go wrong with a denim shirt,denim coat,denim jeans basically anything denim is just stylish.So here I went for a denim sleeveless shirt paired them with this long sleeved top and my high waisted pants.I heart this look,so stylish,don't you agree?

I also love how fashion blogger The Daileigh here goes for the denim on denim look.I love this look,very stylish too.

So there you have it,five different ways,you can style your high waisted pants or jeans.

My outfit Details
Photo Credits : Google

My photos coutesy of Mwachala Photography

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Much love