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Happy Monday!

So yesterday while going through you tube videos I stumbled upon Lupita Ny'ong'o's video of the speech she made at The mass conference for women at massachusetts.I really felt encouraged by that speech as she talked about her personal journey to becoming an actress.I could tell the journey wasn't easy as she had self doubt along the way and to some point she felt like her dream was unrealistic and childish.Eventually she left that cocoon and finally admitted it that she wants to be an actress and she is going to chase her dreams no matter what.
After listening to her speech I thought about my own personal experience when I was young I wanted to be a lawyer so I heard to be a lawyer you must be really good in history so I studied really hard and history was my favourite subject in high school,then later I had a change of heart I was like nah!I want to be a journalist,so I worked hard in english and kiswahili and amazingly enough I went to a college in Journalism and after an year I just felt that wasn't what I wanted.To cut the long story short,I have finally come to realise my true passion is in fashion and I find it so  hard sometimes  to explain to people what fashion blogging is all about,some people don't get it but you know what.This is what I love and will continue to follow my passion.So whatever dreams you have follow them and never give up...in the words of Lupita It doesn't get comfortable but it gets familiar so go chase your dreams!

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Orange top Serinda Fashions (0728224901)

Yellow Tulle skirt - (Nato Design House) or here

Red heels- bought them online but you can get similar here

Celline Hand bag - Vonette Boutique or here

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Maxed Out

Happy Tuesday!

I know it's been a minute since I posted,apologies for that from now I will be very consistent with my posts.All the same I have been quite active on my other social media Pages like my  Facebook Page Instagram,do follow me to get to know more about my life besides just what you see on the blog.

Sometime Last week I bumped into this quote that I shared on my Instagram account.

"I appreciate the things that are moulding me into a better woman.Even if it hurts me or I don't understand it I need it for am becoming."

That quote made me think about my current situation in life,sometimes we go through tough times especially if you are a business person you can relate to this am sure,we tend to feel like we are complete failures just because we didn't attain a certain goal we had and we end up thinking and feeling so negative not knowing maybe we missed that job or didn't get that job promotion or didn't get that business deal simply because something better is coming our way.Well what I have come to learn this week is that it's never a failure but a lesson learnt and everything does happen for a reason so no matter what we should never give up but take every set back positively,learn from it and move on.

Outfit Details

Orange Maxi Dress - Tru - Lush (0718750711) or  here

Sunglasses - Vonette Boutique (0723049908)

Flat sandals - MRP or here

Photography by Steve Inc 

Thank you for stopping by,do have a positive week.