Outfit Post : Animal Print Jumpsuit

Hey Beautiful people!

I know its been so long,Am glad to be back.The reason behind my silence is because I have been working extra hard trying to run my shop and just get the business going.When I opened the shop I thought it would be a walk for the park for me but honestly speaking it hasn't been anything close to that.I respect women who are in business as it requires a lot of hard work and resilience especially if you in a sole proprietor kind of business.

All the same am more than happy to be back to blogging,this is my first love and am not quitting any time soon.My faithful readers were so worried about me...I felt so humbled by that,for sure you guyz have mad love for "the Vonette way" and its because of you guyz that I get strength to put outfits together and go for my shoot just to share my passion here with you.So rest assured I may go silent but I am not quitting any time soon in fact am here to stay.

Outfit Details

  • Nude Jacket - Thrifted

Photography By Steve Nelson (0710836550)

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