Outfit Post : High Low brights

Happy Thursday everyone!
Am currently enjoying the sunny weather in Nairobi,the weather forecasters predict that there is going to be an el Nino next month,that really freaks me out!I pray it doesn't happen.
As for now am enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.Today's outfit am wearing a high low orange top and black tights,what I love about the high low top is that its fabric is light just a perfect throw on for a  sunny day and pairing them up with tights is just a perfect fit.

Outfit Post : Colour me beautiful

"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference"

I took quite a long hiatus from the blog but now am back! fresh and ready to keep you glued to my blog. Well,I was busy travelling within the country for the better part of August.If you follow me on Instagram @vonettevon you are quite aware that I was at my grandma's in south Nyanza for a few days then later I flew to Kisumu for a week where I was working on an assignment that's not close to fashion at all.Then early this month I was in Kampala for a few days.Am happy to be back,am well settled now.Expect to see more of Vonette from now henceforth .Before I forget I would like to make a special shout out to Ingrid and Euphremiah who I bumped into while in Kisumu  and t said how much they love my blog!It really warms my heart when I get such compliments,of course to you who is reading my blog too,am grateful to have you here.The Facebook comments,the Instagram mentions,likes and follows am really thankful to you all who support me that's what keeps me going.

In my previous post here I talked about styling high waisted jeans.Please click on that link to get more details on how you can switch up your style with this trendy pants.I love how fashion forward they are.