Outfit Post : Floral Power

It's Friday and it's 2nd day of the new month,this day couldn't get any better!with just less than 100 days to the end of the year,91 days to be precise have you achieved the goals that you set out to achieve at the beginning of the year or better yet have you achieved more than you expected?Those are just among the thoughts that are currently lingering on my mind,am working hard to achieve the goals that I set out for myself that am yet to achieve.

Today I will give you a few hint's on how to style that beautiful floral outfit you have in your wardrobe but keep on pushing it aside every time because you are not sure on how to wear it.One thing about any floral outfit is that its already busy as it is so no need to over accessories because if you do,you will end up looking like a hot mess.Keep it minimal with accessories because the floral outfit on it's own is already standing out.As you can see I did exactly that with my floral outfit,I simply accesorized it with the cat eyed sun glasses,pink earrings and blue heel sandals.

Over the weekend I attended CBA's Concur d'elegance event.I was among the chosen few for the best dressed,please vote for me to win the overall best dressed person by liking my photo here on CBA's Facebook Page .I will really appreciate.

Outfit Details

  • Blue heel sandals - Random exhibition in town
  • Photography by Dakroom

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