Travel Diaries: Dubai

I was in Dubai last month October and  it was a very good experience not that I haven't been to the UAE before,this was actually my second visit the first time was in 2013 and I was in Abu Dhabi for a week.

Now our trip to Dubai was quite abrupt and I had to get my travel documents i.e my  visa within a couple of days, at some point I was giving up as I thought the process would be long but thanks to  Emirates Airline  their visa process was fast  and 100% efficient . I was really impressed.

I flew to Dubai of course through Emirates Airline and my trip to and from Dubai was nothing short of amazing, the service from the Cabin crew team was really good.

We stayed at Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah a five star hotel that is located quite close to the beach and this 5 star hotel offers superb accommodation for business and leisure travellers.

The Lobby is beautiful,I loved the décor.

The rooms are quite spacious and our room had a beautiful view, we could actually see the beach from our room.

The pool was our chill spot, they do have a bar right inside the pool, how amazing is that!

Apart from enjoying ourselves at the hotel, there are a few places we went to like at the Cheese Cake Factory. They have amazing non alcoholic cocktails.  Their interior décor is amazing too.  Definitely one of the places you have to stop by for lunch if you in Dubai.

We also had dinner at House of curry and had delicious spicy Indian curries.

My overall experience was amazing I would definitely recommend Sofitel Jumeirah hotel,they have good service and the hotel is fantastic! We loved  the weather it was just perfect during our stay and I can confidently say October is  a nice month to be in Dubai . On a scale of 1 to 10 I can say my Dubai experience was an 11 out of 10. We really enjoyed our stay. More photos on my Instagram page @ vonettevon .

Thank you for stopping by and normal posting on the blog will resume next week.

Photo Credits : Google