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Happy Friday!

I feel so bad that I haven't been so consistent with my posts this year. It's been an interesting year for me. I left employment a year ago and honestly life has never been the same for me,I've been working hard on my business( Vonette Boutique) and at the same time living my life.

First of all let me just give a piece of advice to any one intending to get into business ,it's not easy at all you need to have a thick skin to survive .It's tough no matter how big or small your business is I've learnt that it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

Apart from my business driving me crazy I fell in love with someone very special whom in due time you will all get to find out. I've been on a couple of dates this year, I  put myself out there to meet new people in the hope of finding love and am glad that worked out  well. Mr. boyfriend (that's his name for now) is an amazing guy I honestly couldn't ask for more.

On the blogging front,am working on a couple of things here and there. In 2016 my blog will be my top most priority I honestly want to give it my best. I won't say so much for now but rest assured that you will love the changes that are coming soon.

Outfit details

Little Black dress - Lipsy London Michelle Keegan dress

Just fab Heels - Vonette Boutique

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