Striped Sweater

Happy Friday!

Am so glad that the weather is slowly changing and its sunny today. The last couple of days its really been cold here in Nairobi. Today I've decided to share with you this casual look that's just perfect for the weekend especially when its sunny and you want to look fabulous.

Monday Musings

Happy Monday darlings!

Hope you have been keeping well. I took a short hiatus from social media because of reasons beyond my control, all the same am glad to be back in this happy space.
So I recently went through a crazy phase,you know when you badly want something and work extra hard just to get it but in the end you don't ?  well I went through one of those moments recently and I couldn't understand why things didn't go my way. It got me thinking that at times God doesn't give us everything that we think we deserve because at times you end up getting it and make a complete mess of it,sometimes we pray for things that we aren't ready for, we ask for something real but we don't have the faith to believe its not too good to be true.We ask for trust but we are not strong enough to be vulnerable.

Cashmere Poncho Sweater

I'm currently crushing on this beautiful cashmere poncho sweater that I got from Floclaire .First of all you know how much I love colours,so the pink and blue colour block immediately sparked my attention.You can pair it with neutral colours like black,beige and brown.Also you can poncho doesn't necessarily have to be worn with pants,a pencil skirt would look so lovely with it as well.Apart from poncho sweaters that are a must have during this cold season,capes too are the in thing.Stylish and perfect for the cold weather.

Sweater weather

         "Love life, engage in it, give it all you've got. Love it with a passion,because life truly does give back ,many times over,what you put into."

Press mention : The Nairobian

Hello there!

So I was featured on the Nairobian news paper last Friday and I was so happy to see myself on a 2 page spread on the newspaper,I mean opportunities like this don't come easy for us bloggers,you have to really work hard to be buzz worthy.

The Jumpsuit

Happy Monday!

I know how Mondays usually feel rough but you know what! Am here to brighten it up a little. You all know how much I love Jumpsuits,I have worn them before here , here and here .My second favourite jumpsuit among them has to be this one from Urbano Gallery . I love how its all covered up ,this is the type of jumpsuit that can be worn during the day and also on a night out. I paired them with my heel sandals and went very minimal on my accessories. I held my hair up in a pony tail because I didn't want to hide the neck line details and also let it down too to easen up the look. Here are some more photos on this look.

My top picks from Aisle Style UK

Aisle Style UK  is a one stop online shop for beautiful dresses . They have a variety of dresses from Prom dresses , wedding dresses ,wedding party dresses to evening dresses among others .

Today I'm sharing my favourite dresses from their store and links so you can easily shop my top picks from them. Their dresses are affordable and also they have amazing offers.

Random Musings Monday

Its been a while since I had a random musings post . It's 10 pm and I just felt inspired to share with you the 10 life lessons am learning in my 20s. In our 20s is when we are laying the foundation in our lives,I feel like it's a make or break stage and I have learnt a few tough lessons . Here goes!

1. Love yourself more because no one else is going to do that better than you . I know for a fact if you don't love yourself more you will always end up looking for someone to fill that void and there isn't any one who can do that . Once you love yourself,everything automatically falls into place,from meeting that special someone to making new friends who share similar values with you.

Something Blue

We are the silver lining in any and every dark cloud we could ever find.There is no need to go looking for light when you bring it with you. 

The white dress with a touch of black

When it comes to dresses,I love a mix of class and something unique and this dress fits that description. I love that it embodies my style and personality i.e fun,elegant and unique.

I wore this dress for a  video shoot together with Lucia Musau . You can check out the video here and also do take part in their Instagram competition for a chance to win their latest phone Tecno boom J8. More details here

Bubble Skater Dress

Skater dresses are the go to outfits with this hot weather in Nairobi . Especially the ones that the fabric is light and the height of the dress is above the knees,that's the ultimate stylish and comfortable outfit with the current weather situation in Nairobi .

Skirt-ing the issue!

Happy Wednesday darlings!

To be honest am really not into skirts but this one made me take back my words. It's the type of skirt that can be dressed up or down. I decided to pair it up with a low back bodysuit and some fancy heels. I think this look can pass for a wedding event or for a dress down Friday look although the shoes might have to be switched up with neutral coloured ones.

Red Jumpsuit

I told y'all my love for jumpsuits and rompers runs deep! Now if  I've never said it ,my favourite colour is red and this red jumpsuit gives me life. I paired it with floral green heel sandals and a lime green purse. This is the perfect outfit for going on a dinner date with that special someone . It exudes class and glamour need I say more? It's also an outfit I would wear to a cocktail event. Since the outfit is colourful the best you can do is either colour block it and go with minimal accessories or just keep it easy by wearing black or gold shoes and  carry a clutch that matches the same.

Floral Romper


Rompers are not so difficult to style.It's a perfect go to outfit for summer,simply throw on a sun hat,sunglasses and gladiator sandals and you are good to go. Rompers and jumpsuits are a must have in every woman's closet.

White shift dress

A shift dress is one of those dresses petite girls like myself have a hard time styling. In case you wondering what a shift dress is  well it's a dress that lacks shape and its up to you to style it to suit your needs. So I decided to style this thrifted  shift dress from River Island which  I bought from Serinda Fashions,in a very simple way;nude heels and my favourite Lipsy London trapeze bag

Sequin bodice skater dress

Hey darlings!

Hope you've been well. I know I know its been a minute, lets just say life happens I don't even want to bore you with the nitty gritty's of where I've been am just glad to be back and this time round lets just say I'm here to stay.
I adore Lipsy London dresses they are just too fabulous and classy.You already have seen the Michelle Keagan dress here that I got from Lipsy London as well. They currently have an Ariane Grande collection,I must say the collection is quite something. I fell in love with this skater dress the instant I saw it because one: I like short dresses and two bare backs give me life! so of course there is no way I was going to let go of this one. I played it safe by pairing it up with blue heel sandals and minimal accessory, that is my watch and a pearl bracelet. This type of dress need not to be heavily accessorized because the sequin details are more than enough.
Olav of the fashion blog  The Lifestyle spread and a very good friend of mine was also part of this shoot,to get more details of his outfit follow his blog . I must say he has impeccable style!
Here are the pics.

Magazinos Giveaway

My stash of magazines

I'm an addict of magazines . I have a stack of magazines in the house and my mum came across them and she was so shocked that I have so many magazines. That photo just shows a third of them . Thanks to the digital age , we now can read magazines on-line . The advantage of this is that its less bulky , you get a variety of magazines to read at a cheaper price, did you know that a vogue magazine sold in the supermarkets the latest issue costs roughly about kshs 2,500 that's really expensive compared to buying a subscription on line where you get an issue for less and a variety of magazines while at it .
Now let me introduce you to Magazinos . A digital version of a magazine and newspaper store with the best and the most exclusive magazines and newspaper for discerning clientèle.

Its my birthday today!

Hello there!

Yes its my birthday today and I decided to take a few pictures before all the fun begins! 28 sure does feel good. Follow me on snap chat @vonettevon and also on instagram I will be posting pictures and videos of what am up to on this lovely day.

Hair Talk : All about Natural - Looking crotchet braids

The crotchet braid I've had for the last 3 weeks

Hey beautiful peeps!

Now if you follow me on Instagram @vonettevon.I'm sure you have seen several photos of  me rocking this super crotchet braids. I've had several questions from some of you asking which braids they are and where I got them done,so I decided to to a detailed post about all that and also show you the different ways of styling this natural hair looking crotchet braids.

So first things first. The braids are Darling,Tiarra 11 ,Super meche no.2 long.

5 Essential steps to achieving your goals

Hey beautiful people!

I hope the new year is treating you well. Personally, I can't complain so far so good. Toward's the end of 2015, I was seeing so many posts across the internet about new year's resolutions . I cringed at the thought of making resolutions and I was like  I won't be making any as I usually end up ignoring them mid January . So to make it easier I came up with a "to achieve list in 2016 ". I will share with you my 5 tips on how  to achieve your new years resolutions or rather your goals.

1 . Write down your resolutions
 Get a diary/notebook/journal/piece of paper/type it on your Ipad/tab/laptop and write down what you would like to achieve . This way you can always go back and you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.