Magazinos Giveaway

My stash of magazines

I'm an addict of magazines . I have a stack of magazines in the house and my mum came across them and she was so shocked that I have so many magazines. That photo just shows a third of them . Thanks to the digital age , we now can read magazines on-line . The advantage of this is that its less bulky , you get a variety of magazines to read at a cheaper price, did you know that a vogue magazine sold in the supermarkets the latest issue costs roughly about kshs 2,500 that's really expensive compared to buying a subscription on line where you get an issue for less and a variety of magazines while at it .
Now let me introduce you to Magazinos . A digital version of a magazine and newspaper store with the best and the most exclusive magazines and newspaper for discerning clientèle.

Its my birthday today!

Hello there!

Yes its my birthday today and I decided to take a few pictures before all the fun begins! 28 sure does feel good. Follow me on snap chat @vonettevon and also on instagram I will be posting pictures and videos of what am up to on this lovely day.

Hair Talk : All about Natural - Looking crotchet braids

The crotchet braid I've had for the last 3 weeks

Hey beautiful peeps!

Now if you follow me on Instagram @vonettevon.I'm sure you have seen several photos of  me rocking this super crotchet braids. I've had several questions from some of you asking which braids they are and where I got them done,so I decided to to a detailed post about all that and also show you the different ways of styling this natural hair looking crotchet braids.

So first things first. The braids are Darling,Tiarra 11 ,Super meche no.2 long.

5 Essential steps to achieving your goals

Hey beautiful people!

I hope the new year is treating you well. Personally, I can't complain so far so good. Toward's the end of 2015, I was seeing so many posts across the internet about new year's resolutions . I cringed at the thought of making resolutions and I was like  I won't be making any as I usually end up ignoring them mid January . So to make it easier I came up with a "to achieve list in 2016 ". I will share with you my 5 tips on how  to achieve your new years resolutions or rather your goals.

1 . Write down your resolutions
 Get a diary/notebook/journal/piece of paper/type it on your Ipad/tab/laptop and write down what you would like to achieve . This way you can always go back and you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.