The Jumpsuit

Happy Monday!

I know how Mondays usually feel rough but you know what! Am here to brighten it up a little. You all know how much I love Jumpsuits,I have worn them before here , here and here .My second favourite jumpsuit among them has to be this one from Urbano Gallery . I love how its all covered up ,this is the type of jumpsuit that can be worn during the day and also on a night out. I paired them with my heel sandals and went very minimal on my accessories. I held my hair up in a pony tail because I didn't want to hide the neck line details and also let it down too to easen up the look. Here are some more photos on this look.

My top picks from Aisle Style UK

Aisle Style UK  is a one stop online shop for beautiful dresses . They have a variety of dresses from Prom dresses , wedding dresses ,wedding party dresses to evening dresses among others .

Today I'm sharing my favourite dresses from their store and links so you can easily shop my top picks from them. Their dresses are affordable and also they have amazing offers.

Random Musings Monday

Its been a while since I had a random musings post . It's 10 pm and I just felt inspired to share with you the 10 life lessons am learning in my 20s. In our 20s is when we are laying the foundation in our lives,I feel like it's a make or break stage and I have learnt a few tough lessons . Here goes!

1. Love yourself more because no one else is going to do that better than you . I know for a fact if you don't love yourself more you will always end up looking for someone to fill that void and there isn't any one who can do that . Once you love yourself,everything automatically falls into place,from meeting that special someone to making new friends who share similar values with you.

Something Blue

We are the silver lining in any and every dark cloud we could ever find.There is no need to go looking for light when you bring it with you.