Random Musings : Follow your soul

No one knows what you need to do more than you do. Cry when you need to. It's relieving. Laugh when you need to. It's healing. Sit alone when you need to. It's necessary. Surround yourself with strangers when you need to. It's eye opening. Living by your needs is not easy. No one said it was. But a fact that you should always remember is this: you are more worthy of being taken care of than anyone around. And I don't mean the superficial kind of care. I mean the care that your soul needs.

Crochet Braids Afro Kinky Bulk

Happy Monday beautiful peeps!

I've been on a roll with these crochet braids and am supper proud of myself. I installed these Afro kinky bulk in an hour. It was quite easy since they are thick and the texture is kinky so its so easy to knot them, I did only one knot unlike the cherish bulk which were quite slippery I had to knot them 5 times for them to stay intact.

So for this new hair style I used 3 packets of afro kinky bulk. I had normal lines done,you know those lines you had when in primary school? Yes,those ones.

Event recap: Black Opal cocktail

Vonette,Bee,Kanana and Crystal

The moment I got an invite to attend the black opal cocktail event courtesy of Lintons beauty,I got really excited because my go to foundation has always been black Opal.
Black Opal is a renowned beauty brand-experts in developing premium quality skincare and cosmetics that compliment and embrace all faces of beauty.The event was well attended by makeup artists,fashion bloggers,models and stylists.Makeup artists Willy Collins and Andy Nicole did makeup demonstrations on two different models one light skinned and the other one was dark skinned,they gave us advice on how to use black opal products correctly according to our skin types.

Weekly Favorites #1

Weekly Favorites

I'm happy to introduce a new weekly segment on the blog 'weekly favorites'. I will be sharing with you my favorite finds from various online shopping stores that have affordable items and also free shipping.I will provide the direct links that you can shop from, on the items title and when you purchase the item,I earn commission that keeps the blog up and running. Thank you for your support and lets get straight to our weekly favorites.

Random musings : Perfect isn't the plan

I'm a go getter you know that kind of person who goes for what they want regardless of the obstacles on their way and they won't stop until they get it, but what happens when the go-getter doesn't get it?

Well, let me tell you my story.

Makeup date with Fabulous makeup by Katts

Lipstick by color pop
I always get excited every time I get a face beat,  Lord knows am not good at it at all especially on doing the eyebrows. So I decided to collaborate with my long time friend Katts, we were in college together and she was one of those ladies in our 'click 'who would take her time when getting ready. It didn't matter whether we going to class, the dining hall or going out to the club. She somehow knew it all from makeup to fashion and I wasn't surprised when she became a makeup artist. She is really good at it and she is one artist you can trust with your face.Please check out her social media pages here and here . Our makeup date was pretty exciting and you can tell from the photos below.

5 different ways to style high waist jeans

High waist jeans are my go to pants all day every day. I love how they accentuate the hips and give shape to all body types. I have done a post before on how to style high waist jeans here and today I will share with you the 5 different ways I style my high waist jeans and the first one is with a crop top. I like showing a little bit of skin especially on a sunny day and pairing them with converse shoes is a plus. You get to be super comfy and you can move around easily.

Crochet Cherish Bulk,spanish curl

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of my new hair on my Instagram page and I promised I was going to share all the details through a you tube tutorial. I did shoot the video of the whole crochet process but I had a few challenges with the editing. All the same, I will share the details here on the blog and very soon when I'm done editing the video I will for sure upload it on You tube.

SheIn wishlist

SheIn wishlist
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I enjoy online shopping and once in a while I buy my outfits from various international online stores. One of the reasons I shop online is because I get to buy unique and affordable items. One of the online stores am currently crushing on is SheIn they have quite unique clothes which you don't have to break the bank to buy. They have quite a variety of trendy items which include:

How to Style tappered pants

Tapered pants fit comfortably at the thigh and taper narrower to the ankle. The difference between tapered pants and skinny pants, of course, is the fit. Skinny is tight and tapered are loose fitting. They  are comfortable, stylish and somehow brings out a sophisticated kind of look to the individual wearing it.

I paired my tapered pants with a cream coloured  bodysuit and I threw on a sleeveless chiffon coat with nude Sandal heels. This is an outfit I would wear to a meeting, lunch date and definitely wear it to an evening fashion event. I just love how its effortless and classy.


Happy Monday darlings!

One thing I always know for a fact is that you can never go wrong with the colour black. I like lace tops but if I were to choose between a white one and a black one, I would definitely go for the black one because its easier to style and also pairing it up is quite simple. You can either go for a bright coloured pair of pants or skirt and still look stylish.This look can perfectly pass for a day to night look as well.

Event recap : Exclusive Hennessy dinner

Last week I attended an exclusive dinner courtesy of Moet Hennessy Kenya & Viva global. The dinner was at Intercontinental Nairobi. The global brand development director of Moet Hennessy, Mr. Laurent Dominguez was our host together with Mr. Alexandre Helaine Moet Hennessy marketing manager. The dinner was well attended by top lifestyle personalities and the dining experience gave all the attendees an immersion of the rich heritage finesse and sophistication of Maison Hennessy.

Mr. Dominguez used the stages of a 4-course fine dining meal to let the personalities sip and savor the different pearls on the Hennessy crown. We were able to learn and taste the great cognacs of Maison Hennessy; the very special (V.S), Very Superior Old Pale (VSOP) and of course the ultimate Extra Old (X.O) accompanied by stories of how each name came to be.

The dinner experience was amazing and I got to learn so much about Hennessy which is one of my favorite drinks. Here are more photos from the event.

Annrita,Lucia Musau, Mr.Dominguez,Sheila Ndinda ,Vonette