Crochet Cherish Bulk,spanish curl

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of my new hair on my Instagram page and I promised I was going to share all the details through a you tube tutorial. I did shoot the video of the whole crochet process but I had a few challenges with the editing. All the same, I will share the details here on the blog and very soon when I'm done editing the video I will for sure upload it on You tube.

I used 2 packets of Cherish bulk crotchet braids, Spanish curl 22' color 1B. I had crochet lines done at a local hair salon and installed the braids all by myself. It wasn't a challenge installing them as this was my second attempt. It took me like 4hours to get them done.
crotchet & the hair,cherish bulk spanish curl

I bought the hair at Super cosmetics shop located on Mama Ngina Street. I like how they look and feel like human hair. They are not bulky and it's easy to take care of them. I bought soft n free moisturizing curl spray, I use it on this hair to keep it shiny and curly.Let me know what you think about this hair and if you would to get more info feel free to ask on the comment section.

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