Random musings : Perfect isn't the plan

I'm a go getter you know that kind of person who goes for what they want regardless of the obstacles on their way and they won't stop until they get it, but what happens when the go-getter doesn't get it?

Well, let me tell you my story.

Earlier in the year, I set myself up to look for a job because I felt business wasn't going as planned. I applied for jobs in various companies and I got invited to 2 interviews. The first company was my dream employer, I had a phone interview that was scheduled for 4 days from the day I got their first email....if you've been job hunting am sure you know how it works. So , within those 4 days, I thoroughly prepped for the phone interview and I aced it and I was invited for the face to face interview that was scheduled a week after the phone interview.

You know how you study like crazy for exams, that's how I prepared for my interview as though I was sitting for my K.C.S.E exams, sigh! I didn't want to leave anything to chance I mean I really wanted this job. I put my heart and soul into it and come on the "de day" I was all fresh and ready to ace the interview. Everything went well, you know..the basic questions were asked along with a few "out of the box thinking kind of questions". I didn't feel any pressure, I felt like everything went well.

I waited with baited breath for two weeks for their response. I got worried by the day as the response was taking longer than expected. Finally, they got back to me and the response wasn't what I was expecting. I asked myself so many questions like where did I go wrong and why me, I mean everything went just fine, I did/answered all the questions as required.

The other job interview equally didn't go well. I felt crushed and like God wasn't being fair to me. I mean  I was already going through a lot and getting a job at that moment, felt like a good solution The thing is sometimes we make plans that are not aligned with God's wishes. We feel like we have it all figured out but one thing is you should always remember that God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a reward for your faithfulness. Trust Him and don't give up. At the right time, everything will fall into place, for now, I will soldier on taking one step at a time, job hunting can take a back seat, my heart and soul is now totally dedicated to blogging.

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  1. Tell me about it. Current situation. Not job hunting but almost similar experience.



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