My cooking experience with the Jikokoa xtra

Do you think its too early to start planning for Christmas? Well, I don't if anything I  have already started making plans and on the top of my list this year is to buy  my mum a jiko and no not the normal jiko that we are used  to but a jikokoa, the modern day Jiko that is produced  and distributed by Burn manufacturing.

An afternoon of Japanese Sake, Shanghai Prawns , sweet & sour pork at the Garden restaurant

When my friend Mwende suggested that we do lunch at Lotos Inn & Suites, garden restaurant I was really excited and looking forward to it because it was a restaurant I had never been to and to top it all they have quite an array of Chinese dishes that I was eager to try out.

Exclusive single malt experience with Glenmorangie global brand ambassador Mr. Hamish Torrie

Last week on Wednesday I attended Single malt scotch whisky tasting event at the Villa Rosa Kempinski. It was an afternoon of tasting different Glenmorangie whiskies including Nectar d'or, the original and the Lasanta . One outstanding thing about the single malt scotch whisky is that they are quite rich and smooth.

A spectacular hair show at the relaunch of Darling

I attended the relaunch of Darling on Wednesday and the event was memorable and amazing. Darling is one of East Africa's leading hair extensions manufacturer and they relaunched the brand with the introduction of  product range as part of its growth strategy in the region.The brand revamped itself with a new brand look ( from colour red to purple), new hairstyles, superior product benefits and richer colours.

CBA Africa Concours d'Elegance event review

The event was nothing short of spectacular. The CBA Concours d'Elegance is the classiest event on the Kenya motor sports federation calendar and is attended by 10,000 people . This year the 1934 Rolls Royce was the overall winner and it was well deserving, honestly this vintage Rolls Royce stood out from the rest of the classic and vintage cars at the event. The interior was dashing, the bright yellow made the car look boujee.

Tech Talk : A review of the new Nokia 5.1

When I received the Nokia 5.1 I was like hmmm.... am not so sure if am going to like it as much as I liked the Nokia 7 plus. After a few days of using it I totally liked it. Am currently loving the new Nokia range of phones, they are quite sleek, light in weight and easy to carry around. The Nokia 5.1 is quite smooth and it kept sliding out of my hand and even when I placed it on my laps it would easily slide of, I would advice you to buy a phone cover immediately you buy the phone otherwise if the phone keeps falling it will eventually get damaged.

Book Review : Things I will tell my daughter by Joan Thatiah

First of all the book am pretending to be reading in this photo is not the book am about to review. Stick around to see the a photo of how the book looks like.

Le Diner en Blanc - Nairobi 2018

I was among the media personalities that attended the preview party for Le Diner en Blanc yesterday at ihub. 

Le Diner en Blanc Nairobi,is an event that takes place in Nairobi every year.  This year the event will take place on the 6th of October. The annual elegant affair will gather at a secret location with over 600 friends and friends of friends for an unforgettable evening of beauty and magic.

Fashion, styling and inspiration from Kyrzayda

What if  someone told you today that you have only six months to live, what would you do?  Would you lock yourself up in a room and cry or sit and wait for your death? I think I would first be shocked beyond words and I wouldn't know what to do next. See, I discovered Kyrzayda on Instagram, you can check out her feed here. I got so much fashion, styling inspiration from her Instagram feed and I was an ardent reader of her blog.

Hairitage Chronicles 5.0 Lesso Edition Event review

Nakhulo,Chepkemboi Mang'ira and Nyasuba the ladies behind the Hairitage Chronicles Event

This is the event that I mentioned to you guyz a couple of weeks back on this post . It took place on the 8th of September 2018 at the Ngong Racecourse.  This event was nothing short of amazing. It was well organized and coordinated. It  began on time and all the vendors put their A game on the set up and marketing their products to everyone who was in attendance. Hairitage Chronicles 5.0 gave local and international hair brands a platform to showcase their products. The brands that took part in the event include Dark and Lovely, BU.KE, Sheth Naturals, Pauline Cosmetics,Marini Naturals, Natural Hair Kenya, beauty Click 254 among others. Food and drinks was in plenty and very delicious. The MC was very engaging through out the event. The DJ kept us on our feet the whole day, he did an awesome job.

Blended by love

Blended by love was an event that took place last weekend on 01st September 2018 at Karen woodlands. An event that was put together by Cathy a fashion blogger (Fashionable step mum)

Societal expectations

Shot on location by Aggrey Ojiambo at Kingfishernest

Last week when the kobikihara challenge was trending, I couldn't help but ask myself so many questions about society expectations. When you are a "celebrity" I can imagine the pressure one feels to portray their lives on social media like they have it all together you know living their lives like its golden, but is it ever that serious to the point that now we take photos from the internet and claim to be our own.

My top picks from Jumia Kenya

I'm always happy to share with you guys places where you can shop for fashionable and trendy items. Well, am introducing this new segment on the blog where I will share with you items that you can easily purchase online from the comfort of your home or office and have them delivered to you. I believe most of you have heard about Jumia Kenya an online store that sells a wide range of items ranging from groceries, electronics to beauty products and do deliveries straight to you wherever you may be, what I love about Jumia is that you have an option for paying for your items in cash or mpesa once they have been delivered.

Just another hustle

Last week I traveled up country for a family function. I was so excited about going on a road trip, my shagz( village) is quite a distance from the city, Migori county to be precise. That is where my mum comes from but am a luo from Kendu Bay my dad' side which is in Homa Bay county.
I was in Migori County and  if you are my friend on Facebook am sure you saw my status update in Luo ( my mother tongue) mentioning the delicacies I intended to eat during my stay.

Hairitage Chronicles 5.0 Lesso Edition Event

Am excited to announce that I will be doing crochet braids styling and installations at Hairitage Chronicles 5.0 event that will be held on the 8th September at the Ngong Racecourse.

The event will be hosted by Nurtured Knotts a group that aims at curating unique experiences that connects target group with some of the best brands in hair, fashion and beauty.

Am sure by now most of you know that I do crochet braids on you tube, if not then here are some of the tutorials that I have posted on my you tube channel.

Kingfisher Nest, Nairobi

A few weeks ago I spent a day at Kingfisher Nest apartment hotel, even though I was just there for a day I felt like I had the full on experience of a guest who had stayed at the hotel for a month. The apartment hotel is located in the heart of Westlands off Mwanzi road and directly opposite the former Ukay center. The Kingfisher nest has 46 units comprising of two bedroom apartments fully furnished. When I entered in to the apartment I immediately fell in love with the interior decor. The furniture, curtains and the carpets are tastefully colour blocked. The unique wall arts in the living room and the bedroom makes the apartment feel so serene and chic and don't get me started on the finishing of the wardrobes and the kitchen cabinets, they are 100% well done.

No cornrows, no leave out crochet braids protective style

Happy new week beautiful people!

On Friday night I did my usual crochet braids, this time round I was trying a different method to install them. Let me tell you half through I was giving up because it was quite challenging. The method that I used is known as "Lazy girl crochet".

Memoirs of College life

Photo credits Aggrey Ojiambo

I never had the chance to enjoy college life  when I was young because my dad retired from employment and he could no longer be able to pay for my college fees so I studied in College for only 1 year then later on when I could pay my own school fees I went back to college. During that 1 year, I enrolled at the Multi media University formerly known as KCCT for one year to study mass communication. Earlier this week as I was just going through my email I came across this article I wrote to one of our local media stations KBC they were looking for fresh talent to join their media team and to apply you had to write an article about your campus and send it together with your CV. I was very ambitious back then and I did exactly that.

How and where to thrift shop in Nairobi

I love thrift shopping (buying second hand clothing), anything to save some coins am down for it. Am always on the look out for places where I can get affordable, trendy and quality outfits.Most of the outfits I share on my blog are usually thrifted or tailor made.

Chunky Knits and Thigh High Boots

Happy Friday beautiful people!

June and July are the coldest months in Kenya and keeping it stylish when its cold is possible. Today I share with you my go to outfits when its cold.

Her Success is not my failure

"Don't compare your life to others. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when its their time."

At some point in our lives we go through the "comparison phase" where you wish you were like so and so. I struggled with that in my mid twenties where I wanted to be like my friends who were living their best lives at that time or so I thought. You know they were all in stable relationships others were having kids and there I was ... single and a lonely girl who lives with her dog,sigh! . I would ask God why me? I even got scared thinking I would be one of those old lonely women living with 10 cats...hahaha. 

How I started my fashion blog and a few tips to get you started

I have been receiving  so many questions on how I started out as a blogger and today I will share with you my journey. I started blogging in 2011/2012 back then I wasn't ready to share my own personal style, I would particularly post pictures of African fashion models wearing African print outfits. I was fascinated that kitenge was actually a trend overseas and there were different trendy ways to custom make them.

My style tribe

I have been mentioning Winnie Odande in my blog posts lately because we teamed up together and we will be working on a couple of projects together under the hash tag my style tribe. Now in case you are wondering what my style tribe is all about let me break it down for you.

From work to the weekend

Happy Friday beautiful people!

Today being the last Friday of the month, I know most of us will be going out after work for a few drinks to just chill out and its a plus when you already wearing an outfit that can easily transition to a laid back look for the night.

Pleated Culotte pants

My style can be predictable at times. I like outfits that fit me perfectly and when I saw this Culotte pleated pants I was sold. First of all the colour, I love bright coloured outfits. Colours give me life, they brighten up a dull day.  I purchased them immediately even though I had no clue on how I was going to wear them. As always whenever am in doubt about a particular outfit style I rush to pinterest for inspiration.

Celebrate yourself

Mid last week I got a call from a well renowned brand and they were interested in working with me. They told me that they had identified me as one of the strong women who have made an impact in our community and they would like to engage me on an upcoming project. To be honest I was happy about it and sometime this week I went to their office to discuss the details of the  project.

As I sat in the meeting I was paying attention to everything of course but I kept on asking myself like why me...I mean I don't have a huge following, am not a big shot influencer. I mean look at my numbers. Later on, I was like..hell yes I deserve this and am going to put my heart and soul in to this project because I've worked so hard to get here with the numbers or not.

Staycation at Best Western Plus Meridian Hotel

Staycation aka weekend getaway/ vacation is one of the best ways to travel on a budget. Its the perfect escape from your every  day environment for a day or two. If you follow me on Instagram (@vonetteorinda ) you probably know that a couple of weeks back my blogger friend Winnie Odande and I had our very first staycation exprience at The Best Western Plus Meridian Hotel formerly known as the Meridian Hotel.

Tips on choosing a photographer

If there is one thing I have learned over the years as a fashion blogger is that good photos can make or break your brand. I love taking good quality photos and today I will share with you my tips for finding a good photographer to work with and it doesn't matter if you are a blogger or not, trust me this tips will come in handy when you are looking for someone to take photos on your wedding day, birthday, bridal shower e.t.c.
Let's get straight to it.

How to style thigh high boots

The current trend of styling thigh high boots during winter is to  pair them up with an over sized coat or sweater. Thigh high boots are statement pieces on their own.

My basic Wardrobe staples

A wardrobe staple is something you need to have in your wardrobe. An outfit that can go with anything.
Here is my list of  3 wardrobe staples you should have as a modern woman.

Easy Curly Crochet Hair Tutorial

I just uploaded a new crochet hair tutorial on my YouTube channel . Like I mentioned earlier the braids are Darling Curly Kinky in no. 1. I used one and a half packets. I have reviewed the braids on my channel so have look and in case of any questions just ask in the comment section and I will be happy to answer you.

Darling Curly Kinky Crochet braids review

My go to protective hairstyle is crochet braids. I like them because they are quite easy to DIY (do it yourself). Darling Kenya recently launched new crochet braids among them is the curly kinky braid and ladies this is one hair style I highly recommend. I used one and a half packets to achieve this look and I will upload a you tube video very soon on my channel taking you through a step by step tutorial on how I did it.

Plaid Skirt + casual graphic tee

The weather in Nairobi has been playing tricks on us, one minute it's sunny the next its pouring non stop which reminds of the lives lost at the Solai dam tragedy last week,quite sad, my sincere condolences goes out to the affected families.

How to wear mix and match pastel + am back to blogging

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Am so happy to be back. I took quite a long break, you know life happens sometimes and you can get carried away by the events but one thing that never changed is the passion I have for sharing my style with you guys. It feels good to be back and I must say am overwhelmed with the love and support  you showed me when I announced on my Instagram that I will be coming back.