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Last week I traveled up country for a family function. I was so excited about going on a road trip, my shagz( village) is quite a distance from the city, Migori county to be precise. That is where my mum comes from but am a luo from Kendu Bay my dad' side which is in Homa Bay county.
I was in Migori County and  if you are my friend on Facebook am sure you saw my status update in Luo ( my mother tongue) mentioning the delicacies I intended to eat during my stay.

What was quite interesting about my visit to the village was my uncles and aunties questions and compliments about my Facebook photos . It's intriguing how people view others on social media, first of all not so many people understand this concept of fashion blogging, to some people I come out as a show off, others a socialite , others view me as a model but am not. So back to my uncles and aunties, one of my aunties was like, eeeh your photos on face book are nice but now when I look at you ... you don't look like the same person(shade...lol). So am seated there looking at her and just smiling...usually I would explain myself but I didn't I was like...mmmh okay.
I've explained to them so many times about my blog but seems like they never get the concept of fashion blogging am not mad though because not many people get it.The photos look that way because I have a professional photographer who shoots and edits them and a make up artist who ensures my face is beat for the gods not forgetting the fashion brands that I collaborate with for shoes and clothes.

My relatives back in the shagz (village) see my photos and think that I look like this all day every day. I really don't infact if you've met me on a normal day am just a plain Jane wearing basic make up and basic work clothes but when it comes to blogging its a different ball game because this is a platform where I share my love for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Sometimes I collaborate with brands who pay me to share content on my blog and most times I'm giving someone inspiration on how they can dress to work, for an evening event, for dinner, for a night out. I let my followers know where they can get affordable outfits without breaking the bank. Ideally that is what fashion/ style blogging is all about. I don't show off neither do I make it seem like am living "the american dream" so to speak...fashion blogging is just like any other hustle people do to make ends meet.

Get the look

Shot on Location : King Fishernest

Photography by Aggrey Ojiambo

Make up by Miss Onchwanga

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