Memoirs of College life

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I never had the chance to enjoy college life  when I was young because my dad retired from employment and he could no longer be able to pay for my college fees so I studied in College for only 1 year then later on when I could pay my own school fees I went back to college. During that 1 year, I enrolled at the Multi media University formerly known as KCCT for one year to study mass communication. Earlier this week as I was just going through my email I came across this article I wrote to one of our local media stations KBC they were looking for fresh talent to join their media team and to apply you had to write an article about your campus and send it together with your CV. I was very ambitious back then and I did exactly that.

The article I wrote blew me away, just take a look. Honestly, I would like to go back to writing like this. So vivid and interesting, read all about it down below:


 Whenever I pass through the gate at college mostly when am entering early in the morning, am greeted by a tranquil environment, its cool, the grass is neatly done and the ground is sparkling clean the only noise you can hear is the sound of vehicles passing along the road. When you look around you will see warthogs busy eating grass, their attention is quickly drifted to persons who pass nearby, they stop eating and watch people passing lest they are attacked, it’s like they consider humans as their enemies, they are really afraid of them.
That’s just the sight of Kenya College of Communications Technology (K.C.C.T), the moment you enter through the gate. Wait till you meet the students you will be dazed beyond words, because they are damn stunning one would think they ain’t going to class, especially the ladies. The most I can say is that they are kind of skimpily dressed! Need I say more? This definitely the reason as to why the Dean of Students wrote new rules, which relentlessly discourages putting on such dress codes. The response from the students obviously expected or un-expected is hostile, they claim that it is not the clothes that matter but their attendance in class. Some of them don’t give utter concern to the rules they continue putting them on, saying that they feel comfortable dressed like that, the ignorant students of course don’t even have a clue that there are new dress code rules stuck on various notice boards within the school compound.

Apart from that, the 1st year students commonly known as “freshaz”are slowly adopting to college life. Some are discovering the wild side of them, partying is the in thing for them. They party like there is no tomorrow. They hang out with their buddies at various joints, one such is Park Place; it’s situated a kilometer from our college. It is normally packed with students from various campuses like Catholic Uninversity, J.K.U.A.T Karen campus, African Nazarene and of course K.C.C.T students. They like raving it up from Friday to Sunday. Partying I believe is part of college life, I mean life ain't no rehearsal you only live once and the moment an opportunity knocks grab it instantly, because you never know what tomorrow holds.

Back at the college hostels, you can hear loud music coming from Block C that’s the men’s hostel. The music is head banging and they don’t give a hoot about their neighbors. Meanwhile the focused students commonly known as “chops” are seriously reading or even doing projects that they have been assigned by their lecturers. These students rarely have time to meet their social needs, they consider them a waste of time, their goal in college is to attain the distinction mark at their final year and graduate in a colorful ceremony where the whole clan will come to spec Tate and share in their joy. I ain't being a hater by saying this but they should at least give their social needs a chance, I mean all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so style up and party!
Then there is these group of students who can’t go un- mentioned. I refer to them as hogs because the moment 6 o’clock in the evening (that’s the time for super) they already crowded outside the dinning hall known as “pavilion” to K.C.C.T students, the moment the door is opened they hurriedly rush to the counter and on reaching there they scrum to pay for their meals like a bunch of gorillas fighting for a banana! You would think they are high school students who want to be the first to be served the top layer.
That’s what is going down at my campus!

I really want to go back to writing interesting & informative short posts, the best way to do this is by feeding my mind or is it the brain. with lot of information through reading books, magazines. I will also be sharing more content from this month so watch out for that.

As always thank you for reading.


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