No cornrows, no leave out crochet braids protective style

Happy new week beautiful people!

On Friday night I did my usual crochet braids, this time round I was trying a different method to install them. Let me tell you half through I was giving up because it was quite challenging. The method that I used is known as "Lazy girl crochet".

They call it like that because there are no cornrow braids, no leave out. When you watch " lazy girl crochet" tutorials on You tube it looks so easy. I;m sure I will get a hang of it after a while.

Here are the steps to achieving this look.

  1. Section the hair either by using rubber bands or by twisting or braiding the sections
  2. Cover your hair with a wig cap, this will help the crochet braids stay in place...make sure you leave out the front section.

 3.  Start to crochet in between the wig cap all the way to the front.

Here is a you tube tutorial by Sodara Paris in regards to the lazy girl. I promise I will do my own tutorial soon. 

More photos on this look 

Shot on Location @Kingfishernest

Make up Artist @ Esther

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  1. hey...looks amazing but you didn't mention the name of the braid...


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