Societal expectations

Shot on location by Aggrey Ojiambo at Kingfishernest

Last week when the kobikihara challenge was trending, I couldn't help but ask myself so many questions about society expectations. When you are a "celebrity" I can imagine the pressure one feels to portray their lives on social media like they have it all together you know living their lives like its golden, but is it ever that serious to the point that now we take photos from the internet and claim to be our own.
Many young people idolize celebrities in Nairobi and wish they could have their lives not knowing that no one ever puts up a photo of their bad days. Everyone goes through bad days so when you see photos on Instagram and think "she is goals" think twice because she could be taking photos in her friends car or even a showroom and she will walk out of there and take a nduthii (motor bike) home. Never let social media pressure you, live your life one day at a time. Your turn to shine will also come some day. I could write a whole blog post about societal expectations but we shall revisit this one day.

Shoes from Instyle Kenya

Make Up Artist Miss Onchangwa

White Dress from a random shop in town.

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  1. You couldn't have put in any better words than this. People now dear pit into consideration what people perceive them to be rather than being true to themselves its so sad indeed.


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