CBA Africa Concours d'Elegance event review

The event was nothing short of spectacular. The CBA Concours d'Elegance is the classiest event on the Kenya motor sports federation calendar and is attended by 10,000 people . This year the 1934 Rolls Royce was the overall winner and it was well deserving, honestly this vintage Rolls Royce stood out from the rest of the classic and vintage cars at the event. The interior was dashing, the bright yellow made the car look boujee.

The cars were being judged based on :

  • The underside
  • External finish
  • Interior and boot
  • Engine and engine compartment
  • Roadworthiness
  • Age
  • Tie breaker
The Motorcycles were being judged based on :
  • External finish
  • Engine and mechanical components
  • Trim
  • Road worthiness
  • age
  • Tie breaker

The event was full of activities for kids as well, there was a kiddie section where the kids were busy coloring, others playing on the bouncing castles.There was also a live band in place keeping people entertained through out the day.

So this year's theme was Aladdin and the magical rides, based on the classical folk tale of Middle Eastern origin and guests were expected to dress in Aladdin type of outfits.I wasn't shocked to see very few people dressed the part because for a fact Kenyans are not really into themed events, very few people adorned Aladdin outfits and they looked quite stylish. I tried to keep up with the theme and wore Aladdin loose pants and a crop, long sleeved top.

Mwende Ngao looking dashing in a kaftan

Overall the event was a success. I highly recommend people to attend this event. The cars that were showcased are worth seeing and the overall ambiance is good. Food is in plenty and their is a designated kids section for them to play with their friends.

Photo credit : Eclectic Snap shots

My outfit was custom made by : Trendy B fashion house

Accessories by : Zanta Adeyde

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