An afternoon of Japanese Sake, Shanghai Prawns , sweet & sour pork at the Garden restaurant

When my friend Mwende suggested that we do lunch at Lotos Inn & Suites, garden restaurant I was really excited and looking forward to it because it was a restaurant I had never been to and to top it all they have quite an array of Chinese dishes that I was eager to try out.

To kick us off we had , we had a starter Gong bao tofu and Sake(Japanese rice wine). Gong bao Tofu which was appetizing and  I added a bit of chilli  because I live for spicy food.

The main course we had sweet & sour pork, shanghai prawns with chicken rice. My favorite dish on that day was the sweet and sour pork it tasted heavenly, I totally enjoyed every piece. The serving was quite generous as well, a meal that can be enjoyed by 3 people because Mwende & I struggled to finish the food.

Mwende Ngao
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We really enjoyed our lunch so much that we left the restaurant quite late at around 9pm. We are definitely going to go back and in a scale of 1 to 10 I would give the garden restaurant a 10! The service was great, food amazing and the ambiance was lovely!

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