Hennessy hosts cognac, cocktails and conversations

Last month I attended Hennessy's cocktails and conversations event held at the Lucca restaurant,Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, Westlands . Hennessy very special launched a series of new luxury cocktails. The event brought together influencers from different fields in the digital media space to have a discussion on the curation of a new Hennessy cocktail line.

An evening jacket style guide for the discerning Kenyan man

I love the colour blue, I really do. If you have any exposure to colour psychology, you may have heard that it’s a colour that tends to conjure up feelings such as calmness, trust and dependability. This is the reason huge corporates such as Facebook use it in their logo. Men of power also seem to understand this, which is why navy blue is a popular choice for high end business suits. So today we’re going to focus on those successful men, and how they can dazzle in blue as they step out on special occasions to mark life’s memorable moments.

I’ve researched a couple of blue evening looks for men in Africa that I believe are worthy of the status of the aforementioned men. Advance warning, none of the following brands is cheap. They are the best of the best within Africa. So without further ado, let’s get into the evening jacket style guide for the ahead-of-the-game Kenyan gentleman ready to celebrate his noteworthy success.

Moet & Chandon Grand day 2019 celebration in Nairobi

I was honoured to attend Moet & Chandon grand day over the weekend. The event was being celebrated around the world in 80 different countries on the same day 22nd June 2019 in 24 hours and Kenya was one of the 3 African countries that joined in on the celebrations.

Staycation at InterContinental Nairobi

InterContinental Hotel, Nairobi is one of Kenya's most prestigious 5 star hotel built in May 1969. The hotel is situated right in the heart of Nairobi's central business district (CBD) along City Hall Way. While you are at the hotel you can clearly see a few places of interest like the KICC building ( Kenyatta International Conference Center), the Parliament building as well as the park ( Uhuru Park).

InterContinental hotel celebrated its 50th anniversary last month in May and I was honored to be part of the guests in attendance during the celebration at the hotel. I came to learn that the hotel was officially opened on 22nd May 1969 and let me tell you guys the hotel doesn't look 50 years old at all. The interior decor is still up to standards with the modern day style.

Faux leather Catsuit & ankle boots

I love thrifted ( mtumba/second hand) outfits so much because you can easily pick a unique item that you won't spot someone across the street wearing it when you do. My good friend Vosti has an amazing eye for good quality thrifted items.

Celebrating the big wins and lessons I've learnt through blogging

When my friend Mwende told me I was nominated for this years BAKE Awards ( Bloggers Association of Kenya) I was so happy that my blog made the cut. Last year when I decided to come back to blogging after an 11 month hiatus, I made a decision and a promise to myself that I would work hard on my content. A year later I can proudly say that I've done exactly that and its been the best year in my blogging career. I've worked with brands that I could only imagine off.
I'd like to share some lessons I've learnt about content creation.

A Kitenge Affair at International Jazz Day celebrations

I love how we are slowly adapting to dressing up for events. The theme for the event this year was "celebrating African Jazz" and that meant we needed to dress up in African regalia. I wore a kitenge long coat, crop top, green high waist jeans and dark blue sneakers.

We had a winner in the best dressed category, she won a Samsung S10 phone. The lady wore a beautiful yellow dress with a matching sun hat and a kente print bag. She looked lovely. If you want to stand out from the crowd at an event, always wear a bright coloured outfit or have a statement piece that will turn heads!

A memorable African Jazz experience at Safaricom Jazz, International Jazz Day celebration

I’m still buzzing from all the excitement at Safaricom Jazz, International Jazz Day celebration. I had the time of my life. I walked in ready to enjoy the African Jazz music and that’s exactly what I got. 

Celebrating African Jazz on International Jazz Day 2019

Ghetto Classics

Every time I listen to jazz music, it evokes an emotion of excitement within me. This morning when I reached the office, I started my day by listening to Paco Sery and Cheick Tidiane Seck as I was working.  Paco,  plays the drum in a way my shoulders couldn’t  help but move to the beat as I imagined  myself seated on a fancy leather seat at a jazz bar somewhere sipping  champagne and  smoking a cigar, adorned in a nice midi length pleated skirt that’s currently in fashion and high stilettos and a fedora hat to crown the look. As I listened to Cheick his music is unique and his performance is  very  entertaining. The African beats made me  feel like dancing to a  mix of shaku shaku dance and isukuti as his performance is spectacular. 

Event Recap : A bubbly afternoon of Moet & Chandon at the LM Network event held at Tribe hotel

Last weekend I attended the second edition of LM Network event dubbed " Hats and Stilettos"  that took place at the Tribe hotel in Nairobi.The event was filled with members who dressed the part, going by the monochrome theme accessorizing with hats, fascinators  and stilettos.

The event's theme "Your network is your net worth" provided a platform for all the members to interact. We mingled as well as exchanged business cards and contacts. I managed to make new friends whom I believe we'll work together on future projects.

Lotos Inn and Suites : A gem in the heart of Westlands

I've been to Lotos Inn and Suites  before for lunch with my friend Mwende Susu at the rooftop garden restaurant. This time round we went back to experience their hotel rooms as well as the new menu that they recently launched.Lotos Inn and Suites is located in the heart of  Westlands on Mpaka road, a close proximity to Nairobi CBD.

Swiss Lenana Mount hotel, business travellers delight.

I’m on a mission to discovering chic hotels I Nairobi and one such hotel is Swiss Lenana Mount hotel that is located on Ralph Blunche road just a few minutes from the CBD. It took me like 10 minutes to get to the hotel from town.

Hennessy Inspires creatives to Never stop. Never settle.

When I started taking my blog as a business and not just as a hobby, I longed for forums that would help creatives nurture and achieve their dreams. A forum where you learn from someone who has already gone through it and they share their experience and lessons learnt.Luckily,  I have been able to learn alot by stepping  out of my comfort zone and networking  with like minded individuals and I have learnt so much.

Last week on Thursday I had a chance to attend Hennessy Very Special launch of the second installment of its distinctive brand campaign - Never stop. Never settle. There was  a panel discussion of creatives in different fields  highlighting the state of the creative industry in Kenya.This is one of the forums I wish we had back then because  the panelists discussion was educative and inspiring, each panelist was from a different field in the creative industry i.e Joy Mboya, Executive director- The Godown Art center, Diana Opoti- Founder Designing Africa, Sammy Lusiola - Reelforge Media, Tim Rimbui - Music producer & Founder Ennovator music.

Fashion & Style at Safaricom Jazz Festival

I spotted a few people who made an effort to dress up for the event and stand out. Personally I feel like this was an outdoor event that people didn't have to be extremely stylish. You just had to be casual smart and comfortable.

Mind blowing performance at Safaricom Jazz festival 2019

Jazzrausch from Germany

Jazzrausch Bigband from Germany stole the show at this year's Safaricom Jazz festival. The crowd loved how they infused techno and Jazz. We were all up on our feet dancing to their music.We kept on shouting we want more! we want more! because their performance was top notch and we just couldn't get enough.Their  coordination was really good and they stood out.They wore all black outfits with a signature black mark on their faces. If they ever came back to Kenya again, I would definitely attend their show.

A jazzy affair

I vividly remember my dad playing Jazz music on Sunday afternoons back in the 90's when I was young. We would sit quietly and just enjoy the music because it was soothing to listen to. Fast forward to 2019 am so excited about the Safaricom International Jazz Festival. So many thoughts are running through my mind like, what should I wear? What should I expect?
The event is happening on Friday 15th Feb 2019 as well as on Sunday 17th Feb 2019 at Kasarani Stadium. Before we get to, how we should dress up for the event ,allow me to tell you the things that make me excited about this years Safaricom International Jazz Festival event.

How to wear red on Valentines day

On Valentine's day most women like to wear red, my mum being one of them. I've seen her wear an all red outfit on Valentines day, she looked great but there are ways you can tone down an all red outfit. Red is highly significant with Valentines day and its appropriate to have a hint of red on this day set out for love.

2019 Dreams & Ambitions

It would be awkward to wish you a happy new year in February,right? but since am a typical African, if I see someone today whom I last saw last year I would still wish them a happy new year, so here goes,happy new year my amazing readers.