Fashion & Style at Safaricom Jazz Festival

I spotted a few people who made an effort to dress up for the event and stand out. Personally I feel like this was an outdoor event that people didn't have to be extremely stylish. You just had to be casual smart and comfortable.

Mind blowing performance at Safaricom Jazz festival 2019

Jazzrausch from Germany

Jazzrausch Bigband from Germany stole the show at this year's Safaricom Jazz festival. The crowd loved how they infused techno and Jazz. We were all up on our feet dancing to their music.We kept on shouting we want more! we want more! because their performance was top notch and we just couldn't get enough.Their  coordination was really good and they stood out.They wore all black outfits with a signature black mark on their faces. If they ever came back to Kenya again, I would definitely attend their show.

A jazzy affair

I vividly remember my dad playing Jazz music on Sunday afternoons back in the 90's when I was young. We would sit quietly and just enjoy the music because it was soothing to listen to. Fast forward to 2019 am so excited about the Safaricom International Jazz Festival. So many thoughts are running through my mind like, what should I wear? What should I expect?
The event is happening on Friday 15th Feb 2019 as well as on Sunday 17th Feb 2019 at Kasarani Stadium. Before we get to, how we should dress up for the event ,allow me to tell you the things that make me excited about this years Safaricom International Jazz Festival event.

How to wear red on Valentines day

On Valentine's day most women like to wear red, my mum being one of them. I've seen her wear an all red outfit on Valentines day, she looked great but there are ways you can tone down an all red outfit. Red is highly significant with Valentines day and its appropriate to have a hint of red on this day set out for love.

2019 Dreams & Ambitions

It would be awkward to wish you a happy new year in February,right? but since am a typical African, if I see someone today whom I last saw last year I would still wish them a happy new year, so here goes,happy new year my amazing readers.