A jazzy affair

I vividly remember my dad playing Jazz music on Sunday afternoons back in the 90's when I was young. We would sit quietly and just enjoy the music because it was soothing to listen to. Fast forward to 2019 am so excited about the Safaricom International Jazz Festival. So many thoughts are running through my mind like, what should I wear? What should I expect?
The event is happening on Friday 15th Feb 2019 as well as on Sunday 17th Feb 2019 at Kasarani Stadium. Before we get to, how we should dress up for the event ,allow me to tell you the things that make me excited about this years Safaricom International Jazz Festival event.

  1.  Marcus Miller 
He is a Grammy award winner not only once but twice! That tells you that he doesn't play when it comes to Jazz music. He is also best known as a bass guitarist and has worked with the likes of Luther Vandross, Miles Davis among others. You can be guaranteed of  a stellar performance from him and for more information about Marcus please check out his website here.

     2.  VIP Dinner & Show on 15th Feb

The VIP Dinner is  right after Valentines day, so how about we take the wine, chocolates and flowers on the 14th Feb then on the 15th Feb we go for the VIP dinner at Kasarani stadium from 6pm, sounds like a plan right?

      3. Charitable Event

All proceeds from the event go towards supporting Ghetto Classics, a flagship programme that helps over 300 children in Korogocho  by using music education to provide them with opportunities to better themselves and their community.

4.    The Grand concert 

The grand concert will take place on Sunday 17th Feb 2019 from 12 noon at Kasarani Stadium. I'll be looking forward to the performances from the supporting acts namely, our very own guitarist Kato Change, Ghetto Classics, the Safaricom youth orchestra, Yazmin Lacey from UK among others.
The event can be attended by the whole family and the tickets are available at Masoko  and they have a special offer, if you buy two tickets you will get one free! You can also buy tickets via Mticketing by calling 1511.

Now that we are all excited about the event, we now need to figure out how we are going to dress up for the event. If Jazz is being performed in a formal sit down event, expect to wear semi formal to formal wear. In this case for the exclusive evening VIP Dinner and show with Marcus Miller, I'd suggest the ladies to show up in an elegant evening wear and for the gentleman a black tie suit.

If Jazz is being performed in an informal setting like on Sunday afternoon,casual to business casual are both acceptable. So you can wear, a chiffon maxi skirt paired with a sleeveless top and sandals.I'd go for casual and trendy.

More outfit ideas I found on what you can wear to a Jazz Festival in an open ground setting.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday at the Safaricom Jazz Festival.

Love and Light,


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