Mind blowing performance at Safaricom Jazz festival 2019

Jazzrausch from Germany

Jazzrausch Bigband from Germany stole the show at this year's Safaricom Jazz festival. The crowd loved how they infused techno and Jazz. We were all up on our feet dancing to their music.We kept on shouting we want more! we want more! because their performance was top notch and we just couldn't get enough.Their  coordination was really good and they stood out.They wore all black outfits with a signature black mark on their faces. If they ever came back to Kenya again, I would definitely attend their show.

Vivianne from Portugal,her perfomance was amazing too. I could feel the passion in her music. She likes to call her music 'Mediterranean Fado' .Her voice is powerful and beautiful. I liked how she kept on saying 'asanta sana' after every song.

Vivianne from Portugal

Our very own Kato Change quartet did not disappoint. I was impressed by their perfomance, they paid tribute to the late Ayub Ogada.  Kato change is a self taught guitarist who learnt how to play the guitar through YouTube, talk about passion!

Kato Change quartet

Another exemplary perfomance was from none other than Marcus Miller the Main act at Safaricom Jazz Festival. The crowd was anxiously waiting for him and when he came on stage, he gave an electrifying  performance with his best hits from Luther Vandross, "Never too much"characterised by his bass sound to Bill Wither's "Just the two of us" among other songs and yet again the crowd wanted more and more from him!

Marcus Miller

It was my first time attending a Jazz festival and I was totally sold. I enjoyed the music, the ambience was just perfect and the whole event was well organized. People came out in large numbers and enjoyed Jazz music.It was truly a memorable event.

Bonita, Mwende and yours truly having a good time
Photo Credit : Paul Ogolla  
                     : Safaricom Jazz Media team

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