Lotos Inn and Suites : A gem in the heart of Westlands

I've been to Lotos Inn and Suites  before for lunch with my friend Mwende Susu at the rooftop garden restaurant. This time round we went back to experience their hotel rooms as well as the new menu that they recently launched.Lotos Inn and Suites is located in the heart of  Westlands on Mpaka road, a close proximity to Nairobi CBD.

 The hotel interior is well thought and you can tell its a Chinese hotel from the strategic detailed Chinese decorations. Once you get in the lift, as you go up the hotel view is breathe taking and don't worry I have a video that will be on my Youtube Channel soon and you will be able to see what I'm talking about but for now I will share with you photos.

The moment I walked into our  hotel room I instantly fell in love with it. The rooms are wide with a large 6 by 6 bed. The large windows brought in Natural light perfect for taking selfies if you are a photo lover like me.The balcony overlooks the well manicured field of Visa Oshwal center and you can also spot a few buildings around westlands like the Oval.The rooms also have a kitchenette with a fridge and a beautifully placed study table that has a large chair comfortable enough for reading.

The bed

Side View of the room

Kitchenette with a fridge

The bathroom has an extra  tooth brush incase you forget to park one for your stay

The wardrobe is big enough to fit all your clothes
The hotel not only serve Chinese Cuisine they also have continental dishes and a package for vegetarians as well.

So whether you want to do a stay cation or if you are looking for an accomodation in Westlands Lotos Inn and Suites is your best bet. You can make reservations online by sending an email to : reservations@lotos.co.ke.

Photos by Dakroom

Wrap round dress from Signature the brand

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