Celebrating the big wins and lessons I've learnt through blogging

When my friend Mwende told me I was nominated for this years BAKE Awards ( Bloggers Association of Kenya) I was so happy that my blog made the cut. Last year when I decided to come back to blogging after an 11 month hiatus, I made a decision and a promise to myself that I would work hard on my content. A year later I can proudly say that I've done exactly that and its been the best year in my blogging career. I've worked with brands that I could only imagine off.
I'd like to share some lessons I've learnt about content creation.

1. Content is king

I know it sounds cliche but honestly if your create content that is not relevant to your audience they will slowly loose interest in your blog. Create content that is easily relatable to your audience and most importantly it should be something that you enjoy talking about.

2. Consistency

This is something that my blog struggled with for a long time. I wasn't consistent at all. It was so bad that I would post once a month on my blog and a few times on my other social media pages. I was slowly loosing my audience through that but now I've managed to be consistent not the way I want it but I don't disappear fo months like before. I hope some day I can be able to post on a daily basis.

3. Quality work

You can be consistent and have great content but if the quality of your work is bad, you won't attract brands to work with.This applies to content creators in the field of fashion, beauty, hair, food and photography.The best way to attract audience if you are in one of those fields is visually, so your photos need to be great.

4. Believe in yourself

You always have to believe in yourself and in your work. I've applied this practically when approaching clients, I clearly elaborate what my brand can do and my rates. Some clients feel I'm expensive and want me to lower my rate. Sometimes I do other times I don't and turn down their offer.One of my favourite quotes about this is " I know what I bring to the table, so trust me when I say am not afraid to eat alone."

5.Never give up

I've been blogging for more than 5 years and at some point I felt like giving up because I started comparing my blog to other bloggers in Nairobi which made me feel like I wasn't good enough.I had to pick myself up because I'm so passionate about what I do I decided to give it a push one more time.I'm happy it led me to where I am, being nominated for a fashion & beauty award brings me so much joy.

I hope I inspire you guyz to be the best version of yourselves. Don't give up on your dream just because someone doesn't believe in you, keep pushing the best is yet to come!

I would be honored if you would vote for my blog to win the Best Fashion & Lifestyle blog of 2019 in the BAKE awards click here and go straight to no. 7B and vote.

Thank you for stopping by!

Outfit Details

  Jacket, bodysuit and skirt thrifted from  - Serinda Fashions
  Hat - from a random shop in town
  FILA Sneakers from - Instyle shoes

Photo credits - Smith Hempstone 

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