Scottish Highland distillery Glenmorangie hosted Single Malt Whisky lovers and connoisseurs for a Glenmorangie’s Revolver Sensory Cocktails Experience at Revolver bar in Nairobi.

The event aimed at creating an exceptional immersion to Glenmorangie’s elegant refinement, a layered complexity that adds depth and substance to the captivating sensory taste experience.


Ahead of the World Whisky Day, the event brought together whisky lovers to create their own dram of Glenmorangie guided by the in-house mixologist and the guests had the chance to taste and rate each other’s cocktails as well as learn more about Glenmorangie.

Speaking at the event, Glenmorangie’s Brand Ambassador East Africa, Antoinne Chidi, said, “We are opening doors for people into our world, we are offering them fascinating whiskies with stories that pull you in, whether you know anything about whisky or not, with perceivable aromas and flavors that people can enjoy and talk about.”

 Antoine Chidi further noted, Glenmorangie remains hopeful for a brilliant 2021 and whisky lovers can expect more savory experiences.

About Glenmorangie

Welcome to Glenmorangie, lovingly distilled since 1843. Our founder, William Matheson, was a man of vision and a stickler for quality. He created a single malt whisky of particular delicacy,

smoothness and complexity of flavours that remains unrivalled today. The recipe is deceptively simple, the attention to detail quite extraordinary. Marrying the pure mineral-rich waters of the Tarlogie Springs with local golden Scottish barley, we create an exquisite mash that we then distil in the tallest malt whisky stills in Scotland to produce a purer, smoother whisky. At a dizzying

5.24 metres (over 16 ft), the necks alone are the height of a fully-grown adult male giraffe. The benefit of this obsession with height? Only the lightest and purest vapours condense into our spirit, which we then mature in our very own Missouri White Oak casks. (It takes a while, at least ten years.) Made from 100-year-old trees, seasoned for a further two after felling, these carefully selected casks impart a colour and a creamy smoothness of flavour that is pure perfection.

Of course, there are easier and quicker ways to make whisky. And there are other single malts too. But after one taste of Glenmorangie, you would never try anything else because we have an uncompromising belief in the way our whisky is created, whatever the effort or cost.


Responsible Drinking:

 The Glenmorangie Company advocates responsible drinking and suggests that drinkers savour Glenmorangie whiskies in moderation and in line with recommended daily guidelines for alcohol consumption.

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